Monday, April 20, 2009


Tom didn't have to sit around being cute all day to win Mama's attention. Peter and David were being such horrible little shits today that somehow her focus was not zoomed in on Tommy 'Two Teeth'. Tom could have spit baby food in Angie's hair just after her monthly bath while giggling and she wouldn't have cared. Ok, he actually did do this and she actually did care. And actually, she does bathe only once a month. And it was actually me giggling, but it was horrible, of course.

David was, big freakin' surprise, the first one to test Mama's patience today. Let me just say that Angie's patience cheats on it's homework, skips class three times a week, smokes in the locker room and most certainly hates tests.

It all started when Mama wanted to stop by the kindergarten to drop off his afternoon snack. By the coat rack, there was a plastic bag full of what looked to be David's clothes. Hmmm...interesting. The clothes looked wet and the bag was fogged up and steamy. Hmmm...interesting. A closer look revealed that not only did the wet clothes belong to David; they were also covered in mud. Hmmm...interesting.

'Uh, excuse me...what is this?'

'Ah, hi Mrs. Johnson. Thanks for asking. Do you see that big puddle out there in the playground?'


'So did David.'

'Where is he?'

'He's sleeping.'

'Well, wake him up; I would like to talk to him.'

'Please don't.'

I guess we are not the only ones that truly appreciate David's little naps. While Pig-Pen rolled in his sleep, Peter was busy showing and telling his self-proclaimed 'super-duper most coolest rocket-space ship ever'.

To me, it looked like a few LEGO pieces stuck together to form the letter T, but aside from everything, what do I know?

After kindergarten, Peter went to the playground with the BIG KIDS, who immediately snatched Peter's LEGO masterpiece and began explaining what they would add to it to make it even cooler. Peter loves BIG KIDS and began to panic when they started talking to him. When they asked him if he had any more LEGO pieces so they could help him build what would surely be the next international space station, Peter started hyperventilating and nervously started screaming at them:

'YEAH!! I have more LEGOs!! A whole bunch! YEAH!! I have a box of 700 pieces!! YEAH! I'll go get them - hold on, wait here!! Don't go!'

Peter raced upstairs and immediately started shoving LEGO pieces into his pockets. Angie walked in and questioned why he was out of breath.

'Mama! I need to bring 700 of these down NOW for the big ones. Can you help me count? They are waiting!'

'Why don't you just take the whole bucket down?'

Boy, they don't call her 'Mama' for nothing. Little did she know that this little tidbit of advice would be the trigger for the next giggle-worthy horrible event.

As I mentioned, Peter was slightly nervous. During his race down the stairs to deliver the 689 pieces not used for his spacecraft to the next generation of NASA geeks, Peter the Klutz tripped and sent the bucket and all 689 LEGO babies down the stairs.

It made such a racket that Angie unglued her face from Crackbook for four seconds to check on our future space pioneer.

'MAMA! I need to go out NOW to the big ones. Pick them all up super-fast and bring them out to me - thanks!'

POOF! With that Peter disappeared, leaving Angie to contemplate the situation.

Ladder Talk:
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: When I drop the LEGO box and it tumble hundred LEGO down on the stairs.
David: When we go'ed out in kindergarten.

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: When I cried 'cause Mama didn't take me with and she didn't ask me when she go with Karin up in our house.
David: When we go into bed and not play.

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: To play pirates.
David: When we play with Dalia hide and seek.


  1. How Sweet....Tom is so-o-o-o cute!

  2. Tom is really cute. He looks a lot like Angie.
    Do I see another "wort hog" in the future?