Sunday, April 27, 2014


Shortly before Marie's head dunking, Angie turned a disapproving eye to me.

'Steve! You can't take pictures in a church!'

I justified my next move by explaining to Angie that at least she would finally have photographic proof that I never listen to her.

The problem is that pictures are like Pringles - you just can't stop after one.

As an American, I'm still shocked at all the lawsuit-worthy things they do in Europe. Like the whole 'letting little kids run around with fire'.

Shortly after this shot, Paul almost accidentally set Lisi's hair on fire, prompting the reverend to briefly stop the service to blow out Paul's torch.

Considering that I had been ignoring religious etiquette for pretty much the entire sermon and that I am a natural born trendsetter, it was no surprise that Marie's baptism suddenly turned into a photo shoot. Smile!

After taking a bunch of pictures that were blurry enough to remind me to get a new camera, we moved to the reception. Angie scrutinized the menu for a tad bit longer than usual before announcing her decision to the incredibly patient waiter.

'I'll have wine.'

My wife was on her third glass when she informed me that I would be taking Peter and David to different birthday parties. 

'Um, okay, and thanks for choosing me! What time do they need to be where?'

'Peter needs to be there at 2:00 and David's party starts at 3:00.'

'It's 3:30.'

'Then you better hurry up.'

On my way out, I caught a glimpse of pure Papa-Marie bonding and just couldn't resist.  

For the next hour, I raced around Heidelberg delivering two thirds of my children to birthday kids that only tolerate late well wishers if they show up bearing gifts. Luckily they were and I made it back just before the entourage embarked on their sunny river stroll. 

Shortly after leaving the restaurant, I asked Angie if she still had our family book. See, she wasn't sure what documents the German church might require for her to be officially named as Marie's Godmama, so she just decided to bring our entire family book. This book has the original birth certificates for all of our children, as well as our original marriage certificate and all of our social security cards. So yeah, I was a little focused on keeping track of it. The 'frozen in the headlights' look worried me slightly.

'Tell me that you do still have it, right?'

Instead of answering, Angie's cheeks turned beet red. 

'I left it in the men's room.'

'You left it where??!!'

Before Blushy could confuse me further, she turned and raced back to the restaurant. It wasn't until she returned, out of breath and gripping our family book that I finally got, in the words of the great Paul Harvey 'the rest of the story'.

Angie reluctantly explained that at one point while I was shuttling our children to get their parties on, she needed to tinkle. The women's bathroom had apparently been hijacked by a line of inconsiderate Japanese tourists that also needed to tinkle. Angie's utter lack of patience, coupled with a few glasses of wine, convinced her bladder that she should just use the men's room, which had almost no line at all. 


'I used a stall!'

To the poor Japanese tourists of male persuasion that were at the urinal when my wife burst in on you - I apologize. Gomenasai!

To the subsequent stall visitors that probably wondered who would be stupid enough to leave such important life documents on the floor of a men's bathroom - thank you for not walking away with our family history. Arigato! 

In an ironic twist, we learned that Angie did not even need any paperwork to become Marie's Godmama.  She only needed love and patience, but hey, one out of two ain't bad.
Ladder Talk:
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: That I could be on Vincent's party. 
David: That Marie had a Taufe. 
Tom: That I could have sweets by the restaurant with Paul, Elisabeth, Götz, Isabel, and Marie.

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: That my back hurts.
David: That Tommy was a little bit mean right now.
Tom: That David did burp and he was mean to me.

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: I want to trade Pokemon cards with Arman.
David: I want to have fun in my new school day.
Tom: Nothing.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Liberty Call

Liberty call: when sailors are released from the confinements of the ship and are allowed to go ashore for a designated amount of hours. 

Sailors are given a designated time to return to the ship because they have a tendency to lose their freakin' minds. I have found that kids are pretty much the same if you take them to Sea Life. Even though I didn't give them a curfew, I did set my beer watch when we got ashore. 

'Right! You guys go nuts, but we're leaving at 5:00 o'clock SHARP! And whatever you do, do not get eaten by any sharks!'

Tommy has apparently developed his listening skills from following David's lead.   

In a surprise move that shocked Angie and amazed me, the boys actually did a great job once we got inside. They listened to the tour guide without making farting noises. They refrained from banging on the fish tanks with their knuckles. And, nobody got arrested!

I was in the Navy for five years and I can honestly say that we never had a single Liberty Call that did not end up in farting, knuckles, and/or prison. Good job, mates!

I am a firm believer of rewarding good behavior, so we stopped at the gift shop on the way out.

'Alright, scallywags - you can all pick out one gift. ONE!'
I like that they call it a 'Gift Shop'. It makes it sound like they are giving away things for free. This is also what the kids apparently thought when they came back to my wallet with more toys than their greedy little hands could hold on to.

'Um, what part of 'ONE' did you guys not understand?'

Everyone sighed dramatically, turned around and huffed their way back to return the store to its shelves. Except David, who broke down into a snot-a-thon because he ABSOLUTELY HAD TO HAVE THE ORANGE FROG BECAUSE TOMMY HAD PICKED THE PURPLE FROG!'

I gently explained to my tear-soaked son that he could have the orange frog, but only if he put back the stuffed penguin that he was clutching rather dearly. What I didn't know, though, was that he ABSOLUTELY HAD TO HAVE THE PENGUIN, TOO.

It's no secret that I have little patience for kids that resort to extortion in public places. I thought that David would have known this by now, but it turns out that I had to give him a gentle reminder. In the end, David gently settled for the penguin. And now you can smile or you'll be gently walking home.

For those that would have caved in and think that Angie and I are horrible parents, we actually did buy the stupid frog, but we did so secretly and David will have to simply remain frog-less until his birthday.

On the way out, Lauri and Tommy ABSOLUTELY HAD TO WALK ON ROCKS.

They didn't even ask first, which concerned me a little until I consulted with my wallet.

'Ah, okay - you guys are good. Have fun and whatever you do, do not step on the stone that turns your head into a tiger.'

Lauri has apparently developed his listening skills from following Tommy's lead.

Ladder Talk:
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: That we went to the Sea Life - that was super cool!
David: When we went to the sea place and I got me a penguin. 
Tom: When we make Lauri's head into a tiger.

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: That my belly and my head hurts and I think I need to throw up. 
David: That you buy me not the orange frog.
Tom: When we make Lauri's head into a tiger. 

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: I want to trade with Arman Pokemon cards.
David: I want to go to Yuki's.
Tom: I want to go to the Lauri.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Where No Kid Has Gone Before

If the blog had been titled "Where No Wife Has Gone Before", you might have guessed the kitchen. But, for reasons that are totally out of this world, Peter has taken an interest in cooking and has even joined me lately to help get dinner ready. Um, define help.

Peter had been looking forward to Easter Monday almost as much as Easter. The only thing that could have been cooler is if Sebastian had been wearing his real-life Star Trek uniform when he picked him up for their overnight Godfather movie bonding.

The fact that Peter even knew how to make a pizza might be related to my unsolicited nickname of 'Jelly Belly'. Even so, I think that Peter pleasantly surprised Sebastian by not burning down his kitchen.

As the pizza baked, Sebastian made the mistake that a lot of kid-less Godfathers make and caved in to Peter's demand for sugar water. 

'Aaaggh! You fool! How the hell do you think you're going to get insomniac boy to sleep if you keep pouring him Cokes?'

'It's okay, we're going to watch three Star Trek movies back to back.'

'Ah, okay.'

The main focus of the trip was that Peter wanted to experience a waterbed. In addition to pizza, Cola, and a six-hour movie-thon that would have never been allowed under my wife's roof, Sebastian's waterbed finally made Peter's Bucket List. Ka-check!

In the morning, Sebastian once again showed his non-parental colors by feeding the sleep-deprived chocolate-covered bread served with, yep, chocolate milk.

'Buddy, are you insane? Chocolate in the morning??!! He's going to be wired for the entire day!'

Rather than caring, Sebastian dropped Hyper-boy off in the afternoon, smirked, and wished us a pleasant evening. Thanks. Really.
Ladder Talk: [Klingon Talk replaced Ladder Talk tonight]
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: ZZZZZzzzzz.....
David: ZZZZZzzzzz.....
Tom: ZZZZZzzzzz.....

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: ZZZZZzzzzz.....
David: ZZZZZzzzzz.....
Tom: ZZZZZzzzzz.....

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: ZZZZZzzzzz.....
David: ZZZZZzzzzz.....
Tom: ZZZZZzzzzz.....

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spring Chickens

Considering that Peter comes home from school at 2:30, is in bed by 8:00 and normally takes about five and half hours to do his homework, I have no idea where he found the time to make us a family of chicken boxers. I was so flabbergasted that I also politely forgot to ask him what the hell chickens have to do with Easter. 

Tommy gave Peter's months of effort a courtesy shrug, but his main focus was on the hunt. See, this year was the first time that he really had a chance. Peter and David are getting older and didn't really want to waste their precious energy racing around the garden looking for eggs that they would never eat. Tommy, on the other hand, had more energy than he knew what to do with. 

At one point during Tommy's mad dash to secure boiled treasures, he announced to everyone in our neighborhood that is not hearing impaired that he was going to go look in the shed. Mama was the first to respond. 

'Sweetie, I'm fairly certain that the Easter Bunny did not hide anything in the...'

Before Angie could further waste her breath, Tommy had shoved his head into the welcome web that spanned the entrance. 

Angie immediately yanked Tommy out and started walloping him on the head, followed by a rather interesting heebie-jeebie dance that I would have totally photographed had I not been cracking up so fiercely.

Spider-head still had me chuckling when we got to Horst and Judy's for round two.

It is somehow fitting and true to form that Peter was the only one doing what normal humans would do with a bowl. 

The Easter egg hunt at Grams and Opa's was pretty much the same, only it ended with Grams and Opa searching the garden for the missing eggs that the boys had not been able to find. In their defense, Grams and Opa could not find them either. I thought about suggesting that maybe the dog ate them, but watching them dig through the bushes was just too amusing.  

Speaking of amusing, Barbara and Angie offered their help in getting lunch ready.

You might be asking 'Why the hell are they peeling asparagus on the living room carpet?'. If you weren't, you should have been. I sure was, but my brain rivals Albert and it eventually pieced E and MC together and concluded that my kitchen is not the only one where Angie has been barred.

I tried really hard not to laugh at my wife, but when that didn't work out, I was 'volunteered' to take the boys to the local playground. Let the games begin!

I called the first competition 'Who can do the craziest thing on a swing?'

Yup, Tommy won. Next on the list was 'How many kids does it take to lift Leif?'

I don't want to brag, but with just two kids on the other side, I rise like helium. Speaking of getting high, check out Snoop Dog, Jr. 

Directly after Peter's POWER PUSH, the concept of 'what goes up comes back to smash me in the face' dawned on him and he belly-dropped seconds before giggling Tom's arc came full circle. Luckily, we had not brought any naggy female types that might have certainly disapproved of what I can openly admit was a close call. 

Speaking of disapproval, Davey got a minor timeout when he tried to kick a ball into Tommy's face. His detention time was longer than usual, but only because he had succeeded.

The look says it all. 'I know I should not have done that, but come on, it was pretty impressive, right?'.

Before I could answer David's smug look, my phone rang, announcing that lunch was ready to be served. 

It's no secret that I love pictures of Angie stuffing her face. To me, it's just amazing that she gives me so much material. I didn't even ask her to pose for this one. 

After lunch, Peter and David took turns telling jokes. Now, don't get me wrong, I love a good crack, but there are only so many 'genie in a bottle' gags that I can tolerate. As dessert was passed around, my brain interrupted the comedy show. 

'I've got a joke.'

Angie, along with all of the humans related to her, turned to me with raised eyebrows. I ignored my wife's begging glares of 'please don't' and just, you know, went with the flow. 

'So, there was this boy who was born with just a head; he had no body, no arms and no legs.'

At this point, David and Tommy started howling. 

'Um, that wasn't the joke.'

After a slightly awkward moment, the boys settled down enough for me to continue. 

'So this little boy, who was just a head, would sit on the window sill and watch the kids across the street. They played basketball every day and every day, he wished that he could play with them. 

One night, he went to bed and wished that he could have hands, so that he could wave to the players. The next morning *POOF*, he had hands. He sat by the window and waved the entire day to anyone and everyone that would look at him. 

That night, he wished he could have a body so that he could perch a little higher up. *POOF* He spent the entire next day watching and waving. 

On the 3rd night, he wished he had legs so that he could go and play with the other kids. *POOF* He woke up the next day with legs and ran outside, screaming with excitement. 

He slammed the door shut and raced towards the park. As he crossed the street - BAM! - he was hit by truck. And the moral is - sometimes, it's better to stop while you're a head.' 

Angie glared at me again and if eyes could talk, I'm pretty sure hers would be asking me why I chose Easter Sunday to tell our children a joke about a kid with no arms and no legs that gets run over by a truck. Before my eyes could come up with a witty response, Peter, David and Tommy broke the silence with howls and tears of laughter.

I almost resisted a smirk before announcing to the boys that we would be holding our first annual Easter Hop. 

Peter went first.

'Pretty good, Peter. Love the peace sign - every contest needs a flying hippie. Tommy, you're up!'

'Nice form, Tommy! Next time, try to keep your eyes open. Right, Davey, let's go!'

David was worried that he was going to jump on my head, so I had to move back a bit before Considerate-boy would launch.  

'Awesome, guys! Great job!'

'What about you, Papa?'

'I couldn't, it would be like taking candy from a kid with no arms and no legs.'

'Aw, come on! Mama's not around.'

'You've got a point.'

I'm no spring chicken, but I'm pretty sure that I set the bar for next year's Easter Hop.  
Ladder Talk:
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: When we was looking for sweets.
David: That today was Easter.
Tom: That we did find the Easter stuff like the sweets and the books and the games and yeah, that was cool.

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: That we couldn't find two of the Easter stuff. 
David: I didn't have a worst part - it was super!
Tom: That David did throw'd a ball on my head.

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: I want to stay overnight by Sebastian.
David: I want to visit Luca and Julius.
Tom: I want to have a cool day.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hey, that's not Mickey!

No, this is not Disneyland, but the grinning rodent was vaguely familiar and at least reassured single and double digits alike that today's walk in Europa-Park would be amusing. 

Amusing actually started sooner than expected. We had just made our way past the front gates where, in addition to letting us pay, Eisi had refused to take a map so that we would not spend the whole time trying to figure out where things were. He and Angie then wasted five minutes debating which direction would be the most amusing.

David gets his lack of patience from his mother, so he ignored the huddled map-less and tackled an oversized locust, demanding to know where the biggest most scariest ride ever could be found.

Apparently, bugs that have been torpedo-tackled in the thorax do not do a lot of chit-chat. Instead, they briefly pose with their pint-size assaulter and point their antennas in the general direction. Got it, let's move!

I took one look at the biggest most scariest ride ever and scoffed.

'Baby stuff - let's do it!'

Peter was too busy studying the safety sign that detailed the height and age restrictions to realize that Tom and David had already giggled their way past the Viking version of a bouncer and were buckling up for THE ride of their short lives. Yo, Safety Boy! Let's Go!

Safety Boy impressed me with the fact that he got on the ride at all, but his death grip on the handles coupled with Eyes Wide Shut led me to give 1st prize to El Davido, who did not lower his victory wave during the entire ride. Tommy pretty much froze and did not move an inch, which was also pretty impressive if you know how wiggly he normally is.

Not so impressive was the woman that at one point in my life married me. Shortly after the first arc, Angie turned to me looking paler than Ale.

'I don't like this ride.'

I'm a realist, but I bit my tongue on the witty comment going through my head. Instead I tried to go  metrosexual. 

'I am SO sorry to hear that. But it'll be over soon and...'

'I don't like this ride.'

'Um, despite the loud screams, I did hear you the first time. What I tried to say is that the ride will be...' 

'I don't like this ride.'

Luckily, David's shouts of pure glee drowned out my witty comment and the ride ended before Angie could continue her chant.

As Murphy would have it, the next ride damn near made me puke. 

Mother had taken only a brief look at the tea cups spinning around in endless circles before volunteering me. I tried to complain, but she muttered something that sounded vaguely like my witty comment before shoving me into the line with Tommy. My, Mama, what big ears you have.

Shortly after taking my lunch for a spin, Eisi tried to convince me to commit suicide.

'Hey Steve, do you want to go on the Wodan Timbur Coaster with me?'

'Ah, do you mean the wooden death trap that reaches 3.5 G'S? Um, no thanks.'

Angie could not resist tuning in. 

'Ah, come on, Jelly Belly. You should go on that with Eisi!'

'Thanks, Butter Buns, but I will only get on that ride when the kids come with me.'

In addition to patience, David gets his inability to resist temptation from his mother.

'I'll go! Papa - I'll go! Can we please go now?'

I ignored Angie cackling in the background and frantically scrambled for a respectable response. Shortly before giving up, I remembered a trick my father taught me when he finally returned my sword.   

'I said kids.'

I then held my breath as David begged Peter and Tommy to go with him. Peter was the first to put me at ease.

'You want me to go on THAT thing? Um, no thanks.'

'Okay guys, sorry about that. How about we all go on a nice relaxing boat tour?'

For a change, Angie actually agreed with me. Eisi joined, too, but only after briefly disappearing to ride a wooden roller coaster. Solo. 

He only looks happy. I'm sure somewhere deep down he was still traumatized by THE DEATH TRAP. As everyone knows, the best way to overcome trauma is to buy an ice-pop and give it away to children with tiny hands and a bowl cut.  

As we rode around on the 'Sky Train', Tommy noticed a patch of blue that his lungs absolutely had to explore. Right! On to to the Blue Lagoon!

This was Tommy, patiently waiting in line to ride the super cool Turbo Speed boats. Shortly before his turn, though, Murphy caught up with us and broke his boat. But hey, no problem. Unlike normal daily life, Tommy continued waiting. Okay, not so patiently, but eventually it was his turn. Get your motor running...

Each kid is allowed to ride for six minutes and because it took about five minutes and thirty seconds to fix his boat, Tommy set sail as the other kids were being called to shore. In case you ever find yourself in a similar situation, I can tell you - playing bumper boat without any other kids to bump is simply pathetic.

At one point, Tommy decided to visualize his boredom and my brain meandered...

'Base to Cleanup - we got a dead kid on boat eleven.'

After 'The Wolf' took care of boat eleven, Peter decided to test both my manhood and my patience by demanding that I win him a Minion.

To win a Minion, you had to first accomplish some absurd task, like making a basketball go through a hoop that was obviously smaller than the said ball. I called bullshit on the whole thing and even resorted to bribes to avoid the whole 'win me a prize or you're a horrible father' racket.

'Peter! The park is closing in an hour. We can kill the time trying to rack up enough points to buy one of these Minions or we can go watch a 4D movie.'

'Wow! 4D! Um, what is that?'

'You know what a 3D movie is, right?'


'Well, this is with one more D.'


As we waited in line for the next showing, I saw Tommy swinging on a metal chain between two poles. Normally I would not worry, but:
  1. The chain was rather high up
  2. The ground underneath the chain was the non-spongy type of concrete
  3. Peter broke his cheek bone on the way out of the last amusement park we visited
  4. Tommy tends to be overly competitive with ANYTHING that his older brothers have done
Yep, you guessed it. As I walked over to warn him, Tommy's slightly oversized head lost its balance and came crashing down on the pavement. This was bad enough, but he did not roll like you see in some of those cool Ninja-Parkour videos; no, his neck folded like a pancake, adding whiplash to an already loud concussion. Check, please.

I scooped up my crumpled pancake and cradled him until my ears drew the line and tried demanding that I ditch the LOUD ONE and simply walk away. Luckily, I spent five years in the Navy flying on jets, so loud noises don't faze me. I've also been married to Angie for 11 years, so I am totally accustomed to ignoring instructions coming to or from my ears.

I kept checking that Tommy's eyes could focus on my finger as I waved it in front of his face. I'm not really sure why, but I saw this in a movie once and it seemed to make sense.

Peter and David were SUPER MEGA WORRIED, which was awesome. Not that Tommy had drop-kicked himself in the head, of course, but that they were concerned for him without Angie and I screaming at them to be concerned for him.

After fifteen minutes, we all got the sign we were hoping for - Tommy demanded a piece of cake. I didn't quite get it the first time around because he was still sobbing more than Meryl Streep.

'A piece of what?'

'Cake. Cheesecake, please, but no whip-cream.'

After his second helping, we decided to leave the park before David felt compelled to join the painful competition that Peter and Tommy had going on. To be on the safe side, Angie hand-carried the merchandise out of the store. Um, does anyone have any bubble-wrap?

On the way out, I forced Eisi to make me a new Facebook cover to you know, really capture the moment. Amuse me.


On a more serious note, I try to write blogs that capture a moment, a feeling, a memory where I would hit pause if only I could. I will never forget today and I hope that my boys can one day look back and share the emotion that I have when I look at this picture. Thank you, Eisi, for making this happen!
Ladder Talk: [After the long drive home, the boys were too tuckered out for Ladder Talk]
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: zzzzzzzzz.......
David: zzzzzzzzz.......
Tom: zzzzzzzzz.......

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: zzzzzzzzz.......
David: zzzzzzzzz.......
Tom: zzzzzzzzz.......

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: zzzzzzzzz.......
David: zzzzzzzzz.......
Tom: zzzzzzzzz.......

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring is in the air...

Spring was definitely in the air, but I also caught a whiff of mild competition. But more on that fun smack-down later...

I'm sure that when Eisi invited us to his house for the weekend, his brain thought it was a good idea. This happens to me all the time. Like that one time when I asked Angie to preheat the oven and she almost burned the house down.

Anyway, Eisi's brain had apparently instructed him to run around his yard cleaning up all of the big stones from his garden, presumably so that the kids could play without hurting themselves.

The boys took one look at Eisi's nice pile of rocks and snickered. Within minutes, David had showed Clara how to use her scooter to transport the bigger stones and had taught Tommy how to be a supervisor.  

Clara only has one little sister (so far), so she didn't quite know how to handle things when all three brothers started fighting over how to redesign Eisi's garden. She did what most females do, though, and simply ignored them.

I don't know what was exchanged between them, but little Magdalena was not happy AT ALL with the third flower from the left. What did you call me?

After firing up the grill, Clooney wagged his tail. Now, I'm not a dog owner, so I just assumed that this meant that he was happy.

Eisi and Martha chuckled politely and explained that this meant that Clooney wanted to go jump in the river. At that point, all three of Angie's children cracked up and started wagging their butts. Right! To the river!

Clooney was having a ball fetching sticks from the river until the boys decided that it would be interesting for all of them to throw sticks at the same time. Apparently, dogs do not multitask very well. Who knew?

After a rather frustrating game of fetch, Clooney wagged his tail again, obviously indicating that we should go check on the grill. 

Eisi and Martha had bought enough sausages, steaks and white meat to feed five families. I didn't really understand their logic until I caught the Grill Master in action.

'So, Eisi, do you always drop a third of your cooked food on the floor? Is that for Clooney?'

'Um....yeah. That's for Clooney. Hey, look over there - Tommy is doing a cartwheel.'

And this is where the Competition Wars began. Tommy's simple cartwheel was the butterfly effect that prompted Eisi to show us how Clara can do a headstand.

Peter witnessed both the cartwheel and the headstand and wisely decided to stick to safer ground with what he would impress us with. Prepare to be wowed in 3...2...1...

Eisi golf-clapped Peter and Tommy's synchronized cartwheel and decided to move things to the next level.

'Oh, yeah? Well, that's nothing, Eisi. I'm sure that I could also...oh hey look, Clara is eating an ice-cream.'

I'm absolutely certain that I could have also done a headstand if I had wanted to, but I was suddenly more interested eating ice-cream and planning tomorrow's big trip to the amusement park.

Ladder Talk:
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: When we was by Eisi and Martha.
David: When I threw the stick to Clooney and he go so crazy in the water. 
Tom: When Clara help me by the stones.

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: When I hurt my arm from climbing on the tree.
David: When I fall down on my knee and it hurts.
Tom: When I no do the flip so good.

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: To go to Europa Park with Eisi.
David: To go on the rides.
Tom: To go to the Disneyland place.