Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring is in the air...

Spring was definitely in the air, but I also caught a whiff of mild competition. But more on that fun smack-down later...

I'm sure that when Eisi invited us to his house for the weekend, his brain thought it was a good idea. This happens to me all the time. Like that one time when I asked Angie to preheat the oven and she almost burned the house down.

Anyway, Eisi's brain had apparently instructed him to run around his yard cleaning up all of the big stones from his garden, presumably so that the kids could play without hurting themselves.

The boys took one look at Eisi's nice pile of rocks and snickered. Within minutes, David had showed Clara how to use her scooter to transport the bigger stones and had taught Tommy how to be a supervisor.  

Clara only has one little sister (so far), so she didn't quite know how to handle things when all three brothers started fighting over how to redesign Eisi's garden. She did what most females do, though, and simply ignored them.

I don't know what was exchanged between them, but little Magdalena was not happy AT ALL with the third flower from the left. What did you call me?

After firing up the grill, Clooney wagged his tail. Now, I'm not a dog owner, so I just assumed that this meant that he was happy.

Eisi and Martha chuckled politely and explained that this meant that Clooney wanted to go jump in the river. At that point, all three of Angie's children cracked up and started wagging their butts. Right! To the river!

Clooney was having a ball fetching sticks from the river until the boys decided that it would be interesting for all of them to throw sticks at the same time. Apparently, dogs do not multitask very well. Who knew?

After a rather frustrating game of fetch, Clooney wagged his tail again, obviously indicating that we should go check on the grill. 

Eisi and Martha had bought enough sausages, steaks and white meat to feed five families. I didn't really understand their logic until I caught the Grill Master in action.

'So, Eisi, do you always drop a third of your cooked food on the floor? Is that for Clooney?'

'Um....yeah. That's for Clooney. Hey, look over there - Tommy is doing a cartwheel.'

And this is where the Competition Wars began. Tommy's simple cartwheel was the butterfly effect that prompted Eisi to show us how Clara can do a headstand.

Peter witnessed both the cartwheel and the headstand and wisely decided to stick to safer ground with what he would impress us with. Prepare to be wowed in 3...2...1...

Eisi golf-clapped Peter and Tommy's synchronized cartwheel and decided to move things to the next level.

'Oh, yeah? Well, that's nothing, Eisi. I'm sure that I could also...oh hey look, Clara is eating an ice-cream.'

I'm absolutely certain that I could have also done a headstand if I had wanted to, but I was suddenly more interested eating ice-cream and planning tomorrow's big trip to the amusement park.

Ladder Talk:
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: When we was by Eisi and Martha.
David: When I threw the stick to Clooney and he go so crazy in the water. 
Tom: When Clara help me by the stones.

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: When I hurt my arm from climbing on the tree.
David: When I fall down on my knee and it hurts.
Tom: When I no do the flip so good.

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: To go to Europa Park with Eisi.
David: To go on the rides.
Tom: To go to the Disneyland place.

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