Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Oops Upside Your Head

Getting the kids to bed is always a drama. Tonight, Tommy was the queen.

Tommy entered stage right by ripping out four pairs of pajamas until he had found his perfect sleeping costume. Then, instead of folding the other three in a mother-approved fashion, he simply tried cramming them back in. When this didn't work, he did what Chuck Norris would do and proceeded to kick the crap out of his dresser.

After the third roundhouse kick, the curtain came down, only instead of paisley cloth, it was a hard plastic robot-bank that was full of money and apparently not too happy that Tommy was rocking its world. Exit stage left.

Back in my day, Tommy's noggin would have been shaved bald and he'd be sporting a badass Franken-tatt until spring.

In Tommy's day, they just super-glue your head shut. Not nearly as dramatic, but enough to get a standing ovation from his brothers when he finally came back from the emergency clinic.

Peter has had his head glued shut before, but he was still filled with admiration and respect. Amazingly enough, David is the only one who has not cracked open his skull yet, so he was definitely the most impressed.

I'm sure that getting the kids to bed will continue to be a drama for many curtain calls to come; I just hope we get through the rest of the year without an encore.

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