Saturday, July 30, 2016

On the road again

We hit the road early this morning and on the way to Pennsylvania, we came across this diner. Like me, it looked normal at first glance. Then we looked at the fine print.

That's right. This wasn't your average roadside diner. No, this was one of those unicorn diners, apparently owned by a guy named Mike. I was tempted to pull over and see if the diner was for unicorn patrons or if crazy Mike was serving unicorn burgers 24 hours a day, but we had a schedule to keep.

Our schedule included a stopover to visit my Uncle Bob.

The boys had a blast playing in his 'secret basement'. Now, before you weird types get the wrong idea, it was just an entertainment room downstairs that had a flat screen TV, stereo equipment and a lot of other breakable shit that made me a tad bit nervous. Especially when I found out that they were playing a game that David had invented called 'Ninja Warrior'. Bob found a solution for my nerves, though, which I called his 'secret garage'.

The 'secret garage' was where Bob stored his tasty home-brewed Pale Ale that would make Doyle jealous. And thirsty.

Before Happy Hour became too happy, we went to go visit Nana and the boys were mega impressed to meet their great-grandmother.

The boys gave Nana a bar of German chocolate and then promptly helped her eat it while they talked about life in Germany. It was a memorable chocolate bar and they enjoyed every morsel.

After Nana-time, we took the Ninja Warriors back to Bob's for dinner and a few more underground battles before bedtime. 

As we were getting the boys ready for bed, Tommy screamed, as he normally does, that he had a wiggly tooth. Peter and David winced knowingly and quickly left the room.

What Tommy apparently didn't know or remember is that Angie gets kickbacks from the tooth fairy. She immediately head-locked him and began her patented pull-twist-yank method that has worked just fine with Peter and David. Unless you ask them. 

I thought I would help Tommy out. After taking the picture, of course.

'Butter Buns, they were just playing "Ninja Warriors". Are you sure that wiggly tooth is one of the ones that's supposed to come out?'

Sorry, Tommy. I tried.

Ladder Talk: 
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: That we went to Uncle Bob's, that we went to Nana's and that we invented a new game.
David: It was just great! That we came to Bob and he's so nice, and that I met Nana.
Tom: That we are sleeping by Bob's and he's so cool and that we went to visit Nana.

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: That we had to leave New York.
David: It was hard to say goodbye to Nana because she is so nice.
Tom: Nothing. I liked the whole day!

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: I want to visit Oma and Pop-Pop and hope for great weather and swim in the pool.
David: I want to see Pop-Pop and Oma - that's gonna be so cool.
Tom: I want to have fun with Oma and Pop-Pop.

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