Thursday, June 16, 2011

Goggle boy and the pool-side munchers

From an early age, Peter has always had a thing for goggles. Don't ask me why - like most weird quirks our kids have, I blame Angie. This time, though, I actually have proof. I thought it was funny that nobody else questioned why Peter was wearing goggles while we devoured burgers. Yeah, funny.

Today's agenda consisted of swimming, eating Play-Doh, and waiting on the steps for my dad to come home.

Notice the weird-ass skeleton behind the step-brothers. If you find it unusual, you've obviously never been to my dad's place. His house is a museum for the normal-challenged, which did explain why my children felt so at home.

The room behind them has been named 'The Quarterdeck Lounge' by my dad. It's also where I was working on a secret project for my dad's retirement party, so I kept yelling at the boys to stop scooching up the steps. They're crap with instructions, though - not to mention secrets.

George decided to come to my rescue by running up the stairs, hitting the lock button on the inside of the door, and then closing it. He then proudly explained that when we wanted to go back in, we just needed a screwdriver to turn the 'unlock' button.

'Ah, George? I don't see an unlock button.'


For the next fifteen minutes, I heard muffled grumbling and door rattling as George sweated through his self-assigned mission to get the door back open.

When I finally heard the victorious click, George whipped around triumphantly.

'See, easy.'

'Yeah, that's great, George, but how about we just use normal threat tactics to keep the kids out of the room?'

At one point, Dad ran to the store to buy steaks and came back with a cow. I tried to explain that on a hungry day, our boys might eat half a steak between the three of them, but like Angie, he just ignored me.

'Cut 'em up, I'll fire up the grill.'

After a gluttonous dinner and another round of W.A.R. with the Commander in Chef, the boys were starting to crash. I was, too, but we were all stuttering in anticip-p-p-p-pation for Vena and Jerrell to show up. The retirement ceremony is tomorrow and in keeping with her unusual visiting tradition, Vena would only be staying for 24 hours. Odd, I know, but it did explain why some of the odder ones were so happy to see her. At least goggle-boy finally had retired his costume.

Ladder Talk: [Tommy crashed early]
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: When Vena come and I meet the Jay Rell.
David: At the pool, when Pop-pop he throw me in the water.
Tom: zzzzzzzzz

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: When Davey threw the chair on my head!
David: When Patrick bonk me on the head with the sword.
Tom: zzzzzzzzz

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: To go to Pop-pop's party.
David: To eat 500 bowls of cereal 'cause it is so yummy!
Tom: zzzzzzzzz


  1. Stephen and Angie, I am proud of you both as parents and partners. You have a good thing going on. You have a beautiful Family. It takes work on both your parts and I see it working on both ends. Keep it up. Love Dad/PopPop

  2. Thanks, Padre! Thanks also from my "partner". Um, you do realize that Angie is a woman, right?