Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I discovered today that Batman, Spider-Man and ninjas actually hate each other. With a passion. You can't even leave them in the same room for more than thirty seconds without them getting into a full-on kickboxing smackdown over who would get to carry which candy bag for collecting their loot.

As soon as the fight started, I ran to the kitchen and popped some popcorn. I then hunkered down on the sofa to watch the show. Man, I love Fight Night!

The ninja was holding his own until Spider-Man surprised him with an elbow to the throat. Batman took advantage of the moment and decided to check if the ninja was wearing a wig. He wasn't.

I was on the edge of my seat. Even so, it was getting pretty rough and I started to wonder why the hell the ref hadn't come in screaming for them to stop the fight. That's when my brain spoke to me.

'What are you stupid? I seriously hope not, because it would be a direct reflection of me. Angie's not here, remember? She's spending the night with her Mom in Baden-Baden enjoying the tranquil jazz sounds of Al Jarreau.'

'Oh, shit. What should I do?'

'I'm no guinness, but I think you should stop the fight.'

'Uh, do you mean genius?'


I broke up the cut-throat trio before any blood was drawn. Since Angie was not around to regulate my thinking, I decided to take the boys out for fast food shortly before collecting bags of sugary treats. I even let Peter drink Coke! Let that be a lesson to you, woman. Don't ever leave me to my own devices.

After getting the animals primed beyond reasonable need, I called Ken and Karen to arrange our rendezvous. Ken and Karen are the awesome couple who saved Halloween this year by agreeing to sign us onto the Army base for a true American trick-or-treat.

In case you don't see Peter, look again. He's the invisble ninja with a sore throat.

At that point, most of the pictures became blurry. David was definitely the front-runner on a mission. He sprinted from house to house, shouting his drive-by mantra 'trick-or-treat, thank you, NEXT!'.

Peter didn't bother keeping up. He was stealthily sneaking and lurking in the bushes, trying hard not to be seen. His plan worked, until he twisted his ankle and started screaming like a little girl. Ah, there you are.

I scooped up the fallen ninja and backpacked Peter for the last stretch.

Tom took a different approach. It was the first halloween where he actually picked up on what the hell was going on. Even so, he was absolutely amazed by the amount of candy being dumped into his bag.

For the first thirty houses, he stopped after each one and shoved his head into his bag.

'Papa - look!'

'That's great, Spider-man. Have you seen a limping ninja?'

I finally rounded up all the super-buzzed and packed them into the car. We rather loudly thanked Ken and Karen again and headed home. I was fully ready for a difficult tucking in, but Tommy surpised me when I told the boys it was time to brush teeth.

'No, Papa! How about you brush your teeth?'

I gave Karate Punk points for bravery, but I still yanked his spunkiness into bed and reminded him that Mama wasn't around to rescue mega-wired half-pints.

I discovered tonight that Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker and ninjas wearing pajamas actually love each other. With a passion. 

As I tucked them in, I acknowledged that pretty soon Peter will be too big for dressing up. Growing up, traditions like Halloween and Santa Claus always seemed like they would be around forever. I know now that it's an amazingly short window. I hope they are enjoying it as much as I did growing up.

I most certainly did not need to say it tonight, but some traditions are hard to let go.

'Sweet dreams!'

Ladder Talk:
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: That we were by Halloween by the American people.
David: The Americans.
Tom: That we could go to Halloween.

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: That I bent my foot again.
David: That my head hurts 'cause I wanted to swing this pillow and it hit very hard on my head..
Tom: That I could not have the other candy.

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: I want to do the pumpkin spooky.
David: I want to play a little bit on the computer.
Tom: Maybe play computer.

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