Friday, November 28, 2008

En garde!

Striking things with blunt objects would normally be more David's forte, but today Sir Peter challenged Papa to a duel. I, of course, laughed and took this picture. Then I told him to go find a really big pencil sharpener.

I had the day off, so the morning started out with me frantically searching for something to keep the kids from beating the shit out of one another. Let me just say that lightning cannot compete with my brain after a couple hot cups of the good stuff.

I split the boys up into two teams with one person per group. That, for the stupid people out there, is another way of saying that I separated them. Next I gave them each a mission.

David was supposed to collect cars and group them according to color. Poof!

Peter was supposed to find animals and line them up alphabetically according to the first letter in their name. Poof!

Papa was supposed to return to his caffeine frenzy and congratulate his brain on a thought well done. Just as I was ready to declare operation 'Peaceful Moment' a success, the sounds of battle filled the house.

I ran into the boys' room to find David sitting on top of Peter trying to shove a red BMW down his throat. Before I could break them up, Peter whacked David in the head with an elephant. To get to the boys, I first stepped over an antelope, a bear, a camel and a dolphin. Hey, that's pretty good - Peter made it to the letter 'e'.

My next attempt was to organize a treasure hunt throughout the house. This was more successful, but still ended up with them spitting and fighting over the two identical candy bars that were the 'loot'. Since pirates have been known to squabble over the treasure, I overlooked this one. Mama did not and sent David to his room.

Why, you might ask, did I take the day off and then decide to keep the boys home from kindergarten? 'Because I am a moron' and 'I love stress' pop into mind, but actually, I have Angie to thank. She thought it would be a great idea to organize a visit to the eye doctor on my day off so I could help. How thoughtful. For my next day off, maybe we can have a fun-filled family outing to the dentist.

The boys passed their eye exams with no problems. In a way, I think they were a little disappointed. After this morning's treasure hunt, I think they were secretly wishing for some need to wear an eye patch permanently. If they keep going at each other like they did today, they may need something to cover up their black eyes.
Ladder Talk:
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: When I had a treasure hunt.
David: When Tom make that he little in my bed.

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: When David did all those things to me like spit and he bite so much that didn't could say David was out.
David: When I cried 'cause I cried from Mama in my room 'cause Mama make me in my room.
3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: When I play with you that with the lion.
David: When Elias in my kindergarten.

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