Saturday, November 8, 2008

You can leave now

David likes bugs. I can only assume this comes from Mama's side of the family, since I find bugs to be rather disgusting and I have, on occasion, caught Angie picking up a few creepy crawlies. Today, his love for the slimy ones led him to curl up with them for a little nap.

This morning started out with a good Saturday morning argument with the wife. I was right, of course, unless you ask Angie, but who the hell would do that?

I walked in to find Angie changing David's diaper. We have been fighting a losing battle to get him potty trained and today Angie decided to try yet again. She put on big boy pants with no diaper and turned to me to provide encouragement. Judging by her reaction, I can deduce that 'that's a dumb idea, he's just gonna pee all over the sofa' is not her idea of encouragement.

After ten minutes of yelling at each other over the finer details of potty training techniques, I went into the living room to find David sitting on a very wet sofa. I don't like science or rockets, but I was fairly certain that David had just pissed all over the sofa. To this, Angie said nothing. I handed her the sponge and paper towels and refrained from smirking and screaming out 'told you so' even though I had.

We took the boys up to the Königstuhl (King's Chair) today. This is the highest point in the area, with an awesome view of Heidelberg and the river. There is also a fantastic nature trail that takes you through some really impressive wooden sculptures, carvings, and playthings for kids. The best, of course, is the wide open space where children can run as fast as they want, scream as loudly as their lungs can muster, and climb trees until the point of exhaustion.

The point of near collapse came shortly before the end of the trail for Peter. We were approaching a teepee, which I though would be awesome for the boys. I told Peter and David to run up and check it out and they took off running. Angie, Tom and I arrived at the teepee two minutes later to find a devastated little boy named Peter crying outside of the beautiful Indian dwelling.

'You said to come here and see the T.V. and then we come and we look and look and look, but - Papa! There is no T.V.!'

Ok, it took a second to realize that teepee sounds like T.V. to a four-year old. Maybe we need to force the kids to excercise a bit more and watch a little less T.V. Some native American history lessons probably wouldn't hurt, either.

Peter was not the only one getting tired. As he reluctantly accepted that watching episodes of Spongebob in the forest would not be possible, David decided to do his little bug snuggle featured in this picture. I thought it was a good thing that there were no sofas in the T.V. for David to soil, but somehow Angie did not find this comment so amusing.
Ladder Talk:
[All the peeing on sofas and bug spooning exhausted David, who fell asleep before making it to the ladder]
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: When we go to the Königstuhl.

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: When Dalia didn't come.

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: To go there again, but in the castle.

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