Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jokers, Smokers and PC Junkies

If anyone in our family is destined to be an ice-skating, stick-swinging, puck-flinging, wannabe-Canadian with missing teeth and a dented forehead, it's gotta be Destructo Dave. Somehow, I don't think his nickname will be 'Joker', though.

Sami once again began 'teaching' our boys new tricks that will surely continue to please Mama and Papa for months to come. Among the latest talents, the boys learned how to belly-bump one another. In case you are wondering, this fun little game involves the boys running full speed into each other while thrusting out their belly buttons.

Belly-bumping was pretty damn funny to watch when Peter and David were bonking each other. When they moved on to Mama, it became outright hilarious. When it was my turn, though, I have to say - I didn't find it so funny. Not at all. Game over.

As with any good round of belly-bumping, the next logical thing for Sami to do was to go into the basement and dredge up all of his childhood hockey equipment. The boys are at that age where they love stinky things and Sami's 20-year old jersey was certainly, hmmm, intriguing? At least it guaranteed them a dunk in the bath later on.

In the boys' minds, putting on hockey helmets and pads meant that they could go absolutely freakin' nuts and start beating the shit out of each other. With helmets and pads on, Papa also thought that this was acceptable. Mama apparently doesn't have the same understanding of hockey, but I read somewhere that this has to do with the fact that she comes from Venus. I still think that men should be the ones from Venus, but I guess it has nothing to do with rhyming.

When the smoke cleared from our little hockey arena scuffle, we took the boys onto the balcony for a smoke of another kind. Sami has spent the last several weekends murdering his trees and today he showed the boys how to set these victims on fire, another great lesson.

The wood had not dried out enough to really catch, though. After ten minutes, Sami and I gave up on our little bonfire. I should also state that the boys had given up after only two minutes and had spent the remaining eight minutes making faces in the window and blow fishing the patio door.

After the nice fire that Sami built without the whole 'fire' part, we decided to move to coffee and computer games. By coffee, I mean me, since Sami is a freak and does not partake in the glorious brown powder. To make him feel better, I drank two cups. By computer games, I mean my little jokers, who used a joy stick for the first time and thought it was more hilarious than me.

Ok, they also found belly-bumping to be hilarious, so it obviously does not take much, but I have to say that playing video games was a lot of fun. Who wouldn't enjoy controlling a flying penguin down an icy gorge and trying to get it to smash into dead fish? Besides ice-skating, stick-swinging, puck-flinging, wannabe-Canadians with missing teeth and dented foreheads, of course.
Ladder Talk:
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: When I play dinosaurs and jaguars with Sami and Katherina.
David: When the big Bastian come here.

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: When we was doing some bad stuff like kidding and sitting on the stool and stuff like that.
David: When I want something from my backpack but you say no 'cause you so mean, Papa.

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: To play with David animals.
David: When I get my pirate ship down.

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