Saturday, March 28, 2009

Playing in deep waters

In many, many ways, David reminds me of the movie 'Apocalypse Now'. Today, David confirmed this yet again by demonstrating to everyone that he loves the taste of chlorine in the morning.

At the pool, David did not quite understand the concept of 'the deep end' and 'the shallow end'. It started out the same each time. David would begin at the point where his feet could actually touch the bottom of the pool. He would then walk out to the middle of the pool where he would eventually drown himself. Luckily, Papa the lifesaver was conveniently nearby to laugh at him and point fingers as he went under.

After watching the human anchor, I moved my attention to the other kids jumping on Brian's back. I can safely say that Brian's back would make a camel jealous. In some countries, that might be considered a compliment. In ours, though, it begs a lot of smartass jokes. Please feel free to comment.

After an hour of Broke-back Brian, we conned the kids out of the water with bribes of ice-cream. Both Peter and David stopped shivering their blue lips long enough to shout yippees of appreciation and we moved on.
Three hundred licks later, we split up. Brian went to go buy 'stuff'. This sounded eerily like what the ladies had told me earlier this morning, so I began to wonder if Brian had caught a contagious case of mamaitis.

I freaked out and thought I might be contaminated, but since I had no signs of nagging and no burning desire to tell Brian how much I paid for my shoes, I assumed I was in the clear. Brian had no signs of credit fatigue, either, so I released him from quarantine and took the boys plus Dalia on a strategic puddle avoidance course on the way home. Let me just clearly state that kids under the age of five suck at avoiding puddles. Really, really, really suck.

You might wonder where the motherly figures were hiding all this time. My wallet can now confirm that the Mama's of the wild blue here were off shopping for fleas at some market. Angie didn't find any fleas, but she did manage to browbeat some poor teenager into forking over his entire childhood Batman collection.

I can picture the whole conversation...

'How much for the batman car?'

'That's five and I can throw in the action figures for two each and the cave is ten...'

'How about I give you fifteen and take everything you've got and if you so much as twitch at this offer, I will beat you to a pulp and spread you on a piece of toast for breakfast'


Angie waited until the boys were in bed to show me her prized possessions. Peter's birthday is next week, so she has been "collecting" and "bullying" to get those hard-to-find gifts. After almost an hour, though, I had to scold Angie and tell her to put her toys away. Scolding Angie on anything can certainly be described as playing in the deep end, but, in addition to chlorine, I do not like the taste of Angie's boot.
Ladder Talk:
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: To go to the swimming pool with David and Dalia.
David: When we go with Brian and me and Dalia and you and Peter to swimming pool.

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: When David bonked me on the head with his head.
David: When I make 'hiya-ka' on Peter head and my head hurt me.

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: To play with my cars with mommy.
David: When Dalia come here for me tomorrow.

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