Friday, February 26, 2010

Meanwhile, back in Africa

Two days of African food and man, check out Peter's ribs! Someone feed that kid a hamburger or something! It was sad, but still kind of nice to see that somewhere deep down, his belly missed me. The rest of him obviously didn't, but how the hell can I compete with trying to drown Barbara by jumping on her head in a pool? Hey Angie, wanna go swimming?

As Peter was soaking up the Namibian sun and saying ba-bye to his pale skin, David was busy soaking up the rays of Nil's attention as they said ba-bye.

After Nil's sad departure, I organized a little World Cup match for Alessio and David - USA vs. Italy.

David was loud and obnoxious and Alessio kept grabbing his ankle and falling down in tears every time the ball came near him, so at least they both stayed true to their respective stereotypes. In the end, Mr. America won and began chanting USA, USA, USA all the way to Pizza Hut.

Why Pizza Hut? Because it was the only restaurant we could think that was suitable for the American-Italian football league. Plus it's cheap!

Pizza Hut is either owned by someone who has kids or someone who really hates kids. Either way, they know how to keep children quietly occupied until the food comes. As an appetizer, the kids received a box of crayons and a coloring book. Now keep quiet!

I've never seen anyone 'cheat' on coloring books, but then again David has shown me many, many things that I have never seen. After devouring their pizzas, the kids all received wooden puzzles for dessert. Now shut up!

Toys, crayons, coloring books, and enough calories to choke Oprah - I'm telling you, Pizza Hut is awesome. Even if the owner does hate children.

After lunch, we waddled out onto the street and David got back onto his bike. Soon after, he was confronted by a screaming girl. At first, I though it was maybe because he was sporting vampire fangs and growling at pedestrians.

Before I could figure out what was happening, screaming chick started charging David full speed, blubbering something about his bike being hers. David did the most awesome swerving manuever that I have ever seen and shouted 'you are a crazy girl!' as he left the poor girl crying in his tracks.

The whole scene was so freakin' hilarious that I could not stop laughing. Crazy girl's mom cast me a super-mega-frown, which made me laugh even harder. Yeah well, maybe you should teach your psycho kid how to correctly identify her belongings?

Not a whole lot happened the rest of the week that Peter was gone. I don't have all the stories of Peter's trip - probably because Opa and Barb know that I would publish them, but I can guess at some of the pictures. Yeah, that's right - less blah-blah, more pics.

If Peter were a little bit older, I might seriously wonder what it was they were so intensively ogling. Judging by Peter's expression, I would guess a tapir. It would be a shitty guess, though, since tapirs don't live in Africa. But I'd still guess that.

After a long flight, nothing hits the spot like going to a drive-thru for some chicken nuggets.

Uh, okay. In Africa they have alligator nuggets, but I'm told they taste like chicken. They don't have drive-thru's, but they do have an interesting way of locking their cars. Whatcha got in the trunk, buddy?

After the Namibian eat-n-drive, they drove. Along the way, they almost ran into some animals.

This one is not a picture of a tree, by the way.

This last animal is one of the rarest to catch on film. It's known as the White-bellied Gooftard and is native to Germany.

The White-bellied Gooftard is most widely known for its picky appetite and creative fence decorations.

What Peter lacked in hunger, he made up for in thirst. He's normally not allowed to drink Coca-cola, since it makes him silly and his lips begin to pucker.

Chasing animals all day can be quite tiring. Trust me, I know. Back at the lodge, Peter decided to try drowning Barbara one more time.

Barb's a tricky one when it comes to nephews trying to murder her. It looks as though she will live to see another African sunset.

When the sun goes down in Namibia, the men play poker and the women take pictures. As it should be.

On the way home, Opa somehow lost the airplane, which can be quite embarrassing for an ex-pilot. Damn it, I know it's here somewhere.

They eventually made it on board and embarked on the long journey home.

Peter slept for most of the flight and I'd like to think his belly was dreaming of me.
Ladder Talk:
[No ladder talk with this one - one of the next blogs will be on Peter's journal that he kept for his trip and I'll include the Ladder Talk for each day there]


  1. oh what a hard life !!!!

  2. @Medwyn: I know, my point exactly! For his 'first vacation', I would have chosen a hotel about an hour away that offers putt-putt golf. We should be slowly working our way up to the perfect vacation. What the hell am I gonna do next year? Huh? Answer that one, Opa.

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