Thursday, November 18, 2010

Herbie goes bananas!

This hot mama was photographed seconds after we realized that our front row concert tickets had one minor setback. My ticket said row 1, seat 1. Groovy! Angie's ticket said row 1, seat 2. Dig it! Then came the catch - Angie's ticket had 'balcony' next to the seating; mine didn't. Bummer!

At least the day didn't start out with any unexpected surprises. Oh wait, yes it did. Two of them, actually.

The first one came at 7:45 when Angie's personal waker-upper (me) had failed to resist the snooze button. She was supposed to teach at 8:00, so you can imagine her reaction when she awoke from her well-needed beauty slumber. After a few minutes, I pointed to the clock and questioned whether it really made sense to be wasting time on coming up with such colorful and creative names. And bonus points for being so descriptive!

The second surprise came at 7:46, when Opa opened the front door. Angie freaked out and ran down the hall to the bathroom making a rather interesting noise. It was a strange mix of growling and cursing. I wasn't sure if crying was included, but my brain told me it wasn't the right time to ask. Instead, I turned to Opa.

'Good morning.'

'You're late.'

Angie had just darted to the bathroom muttering 'shit, shit, shit' and I was standing in my boxers, so it wasn't exactly the mind-boggling deduction of the year. I ignored this and tried to be witty instead.

'You're early.'

Angie's schedule had recently changed and he was not supposed to come until 8:15. I agreed with Opa that it would have been nice had Angie mentioned this little tid-bit of information earlier, but I also tried my best to convince him that it was probably not the optimal moment to bring that point up.

As I got the boys dressed and ready for school, Tommy cat-growled at me. I don't know who taught him this (probably David), but it's his new thing. It's hard to explain, but it's a very angry 'meeow' bark that he delivers whenever he doesn't like what you're telling him. This morning, it was the fact that he could not use apple juice instead of milk for his cereal. It didn't help that David thought it was a brilliant idea and wanted to try it as well.

On the way into work, it dawned on me that, for a change, I had been chastised and growled at before reaching the office. Not bad for a Thursday.

After work, Angie asked me to tell her more about Rocky, who has left several comments on the blog (unlike my other two readers). She's an ex-Navy friend of mine who was witness to some of the wilder times of my squid years. We've recently reunited, thanks to CrackBook, and so far, she's been kind enough not to publish any of the 'sloppy' pictures. She's also a blogger like me, just without the hairy chest (I hope) and biceps that can crack open walnuts.

Anywho, her site is called The Shark Tank, which cracked up Angie for some odd reason. It probably had to do with me getting bitten in the chest by a shark when I was a kid and needing multiple years of reconstructive surgery, but I'll save that emotional flash back for another time.

Anywhy, Angie then plastered an honorary shark sticker on our computer desk. David had found it in Mama's hair a few weeks ago after a long day at work. Angie wasn't content enough with just the sticker, though; she also decided that Rocky would be mega-impressed with her crappy impersonation of a shark. Thank God it wasn't a scratch and sniff.

Angie probably didn't fathom at the time that I might actually publish these pictures, but by the time she reads this, I'm fairly sure she'll come to some level of realization. Hi sofa, it's been a while - how's the family?

After 'funny-face' hour, I sent Angie off to go get pretty. Lena showed up at 7:30, ready to sit on our children. Not surprisingly, Tommy wasn't liking the idea of Mama and Papa leaving him home alone. The cool thing is, at that age, the most aggressive protest they can conjure up is to go and hide in a box.

'Okay, weird one. You have fun; we're leaving you now.'

Angie gave me a puzzled look, but I told her that I would explain later. For a change, we actually made it somewhere on time. Admittedly - the concert hall is at most a two minute walk from our place, but still - admirable. Right?

It didn't take long after entering the hall to sort out the seating SNAFU. We had just figured out how to handle it when Judy arrived.

She seemed genuinely concerned about the seating malfunction.

'Oh, how terrible. I guess you'll have to sit upstairs, then.'

Guess again, Grams. I mean, come on - it's Herbie Hancock - LIVE , row 1! Hello? Plus, I already had a date with the sofa later, so I had no qualms about letting Angie volunteer for the nose bleed.

Herbie, or as I like to call him - Herb, was awesome.

At several points during the concert, I seriously got worried that he had slipped into the Clonic phase of a grand mal seizure. He would close his eyes and just let it rip. Arms, legs, neck - hell, his whole body would just start twitching about; it was musical ecstasy and you could tell that he enjoyed every second of it. I was absolutely fascinated that he could thrash about like that and still hold a tune. And WHAT a tune!

After three or four spasmastical encores, we eventually made our way home. Since it was already 11:30 in the PM, we naively assumed that Tommy would be asleep. Angie opened the door quietly, whispering and tip-toeing so as not to wake up....

'Maaaammaaaaaaaa! Paaaaaaapppppppaaaa!'
Shortly after Lena left, I laid down the law.

'Tommy, look - it's super late and I really need you off of the sofa. Don't ask why - just understand, it's time for bed.'

Ladder Talk:
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: That I not more be sick.
David: That I can play with Tommy my game 'Playmotapagenten'

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: That I needed to sit on the toilet.
David: That I can't not play more with Tommy.
3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: To play Playmobil with Arman.
David: To play with Tommy my new game Kaboomba!


  1. Your other reader is herewith sticking her head over the parapet!
    (I don't get to do that very often, but when I come and visit, I read back. And giggle. Pictures of Angie - priceless!

  2. I love how you always thoroughly enjoy seeing Angie humiliated and embarrassed. If you ever want to ghost-write, you're hired!