Sunday, December 23, 2012

T-minus Two

If you're one of the few people that got a Christmas card from us this year, you'll notice a scribble mark at the bottom that looks pretty much like T-O-M. Unlike previous years when Angie 'signed' for Tom, he actually did stamp his mark. The picture is just in case you think I'm full of it. Join the club.

The day started out grumpy, even though Peter, David, Tom and Angie were in a relatively good mood. I won't name names, but I will say that I made Angie two eggs, toast, and bacon. I then made a really freakin' BIG cup of coffee for someone that I won't name.

I left caffeine to do its mojo and wandered off to the living room where TJZ Smackdown 2012 was about to break out. I broke up the screaming and fighting and finally understood that they were all fighting over who would get to build the SpongeBob puzzle. I took a shot in the dark.

'Guys, why don't you just build it together?'

'Hey, that's a good idea - thanks, Papa!'

Yeah, they don't call me 'Papa' for nothing. 

The main mission for today was to trim the tree. The secondary mission was to freak out because we are having guests tomorrow and we don't have a maid. This mission wasn't really announced, but I knew it was there just ready to pounce when you least expected it. I gave it the name Operation S.P.A.Z.

Before Operation S.P.A.Z. was launched, we rounded up the troops and launched Operation Ball Breaker. I put Angie in charge of this mission and ran off to make more coffee.

Amazingly enough, not a single Christmas ball was broken by the time I returned with a warm cup of nerve juice.  

'Angie you're fired! Oh, wait, hold on - looks like we might have a winner...'

David jackassed with this bulb for damn near ten minutes, but didn't manage to smash it to tiny pieces.

'All right, Angie, I even gave you an extra ten minutes of Destructo Dave juggling fragile glass. You've had your chance, but you're fired.'

'Uh-huh, didn't you say you were making me a coffee?'

As I brought master her mother's milk, David was busy getting addicted to a new game.

This one is called 'Roll-A-Rod' and has been sitting on the shelf since last Christmas. We had tried it out once, but it was way beyond their motor skill capability. Mine as well, but I might have been overdoing the eggnog.

You basically have a rolling pin with two kite strings and you have to balance a log on the strings as it rolls down without having the log fall off. I tried it again this year for ten minutes and gave up. I'm not a Patient Parent. 

David tends to get mega-focused on games. Last month, he played Monopoly more often than Peter cursed, which has been disturbingly often lately. 

After two tries on the 'Roll-A-Rod', David nailed it and continued playing it for the next three hours. He counted each time he had a successful run and then braggingly gave us score-by-score updates. At one point, Angie and I were in separate rooms, but both of us responded to his hundred-mark run with the same statement. 

'David, you've done that 100 times - that's great, but you need to stop playing.'

At that point, Peter became interested in the game. He tried for ten minutes without nailing a centennial and tossed the game aside. He's not a Patient Peter.  
Ladder Talk:
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: That we decorate the Christmas tree.
David: That I did the tree.
Tom: That we did could watch TV.

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: Nothing.
David: That I couldn't play computer.
Tom: That we could play not on the iPhone.

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: I want to open the presents.
David: Open some presents.
Tom: Gonna play I computer.

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