Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I came home from my first day back to work and was saddened to find that Peter had melted into a blubbering puddle of tears and misery. Hmmm, looks like happy hour will be delayed again.

After twenty minutes of snot-filled hysteria, I finally got to the heart of the panic attack. Somehow, Peter Klutz-owski had managed to delete his precious Minecraft World, which he has been arduously building up for the last three months.

I have saved Peter's world enough times to warrant a trophy or a medal or at least a colorful certificate. So far, though, I've gotten squat, so I was a bit reluctant to don the cape yet again. Until he asked me for help. 

I made sure that Angie wasn't looking and then I snuggled up to Google for a few hours. For any dads out there facing a similar crisis, the anticlimactic solution is... delete the app and restore it from iCloud. My advice, though, is to make it seem way, way more complicated than that when you save your son from drowning in his own tears.

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