Thursday, July 24, 2008

King Dracula

The boys went to Grams & Opa's today for lunch. After eating, they went to the playground, where Grams watched David. By 'watched David', I mean that she watched him as he plopped himself down in the water.

In David's defense, he did ask first. In Grams' defense, she does not fully speak Davidish and therefore did not fully understand David's request.

What happened was David was standing barefoot in a very shallow pool of water at the park. He then asked Grams repeatedly 'I a lion? I a lion?'.

Grams understandably interpreted this as 'Can I pretend to be a lion'. Grams agreed and 'yes' was the point where David dropped down on all fours and rubbed his belly in the water.

See, for David, when he says 'I a lion?', in his mind, that really is asking 'Hey, how about I jump in this water and get completely soaked even though this has nothing to do with lions, being a lion or...hey look, water - can I jump in it?'

With David, it is not so much the wording of the question, but the fact that he is asking a question. If he asks anything, you need to very carefully analyze the entire situation and try to second guess whatever his tiny brain might be asking. When in doubt, the safe and standard answer is always 'No!'.

On my way home from work, as I sat waiting for my train, a bee landed on my hand. Only last week, the same thing happened to Peter when we were outside on the balcony. At that time, I told Peter to freeze and 'pretend to be a statue', assuring him that the bee would then leave him alone and go away. For a change, he listened to me.

Those words of wisdom were going through my head as I fought the urge to swat the little bastard and run away screaming like a little girl. Bees must smell fear and a lack of confidence in ones own advice, for that little b-hole stung me right on my ring finger. The whole 'screaming like a little girl' happened anyway. I was so pissed, I decided to boycott the letter 'B' for the rest of this blog.

The other passengers waiting for the train o viously did not know why I was cursing and cast some very strange looks in my direction. ecause I love drama and confusing people, I followed my cursing with a very loud 'Get these spiders off of me!'. Screw it. Let people wonder a it.

My finger swelled up, thro ed and really hurt. When I got home, Angie had a solutely no sympathy. 'My whole ody is swelled up'. After already going through the joys of pregnancy twice now, I should know etter than to try to get sympathy from a pregnant woman when it comes to pain and suffering. No matter what I ring to the ta le, Angie will have me eat, hands down.

When I got home, Peter wanted to play his new game, King. I agreed and Peter donned his crown and ro e, and I ran to get the camera. The picture here is exactly the point when King Peter transformed into Count Peter. As the droopy eyes indicate, this was close to edtime, so I suggested rushing his teeth.

'Papa, stop that! That with the no saying the 'B'. That's not I like!'.

Ok, sorry, uddy. It's just that I now hate ees and my finger hurts like a itch.
1) What was the est part of your day?
Peter: When I go to Grams and Opa and we go to the water playground.
David: When I onk my el ow in front of the car.

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: When David get wet everywhere and wetter and wetter everywhere.
David: When Mama and I und Peter mit the other car.

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: I want to go with David and Mama to the playground and when you are finished at work, may e you can with me foot all playing.
David: When I onk my head down.

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