Wednesday, September 22, 2010

E you, too!

You may have gathered from Peter that he started school this week. Unless you are lucky enough to be me, what you didn't gather was that Peter also needed a new desk, a new chair, a new backpack, new notebooks, pens, rulers, et cete-f-ra. You might wonder what the 'f' is for, but you shouldn't. Just assume it has something to do with the Financial costs of schooling your first born. Acts II and III coming soon to a wallet near me.

Peter tends to take things too seriously sometimes. Angie does too, but I tend to file this under 'naggin'. I guess Peter can just be lucky he's not a chick.

Peter's first homework assignment was to cut out beginning word 'sounds' and match them to various pictures. Peter did an excellent job of cutting and matching until he got to this lovely gem.

'Eu' were the cut-out letters, but the picture clearly depicted money. At this point, Peter freaked out like an Egyptian.

'Oh-no-oh-no-oh-no....I have 'money' left, but the letters are 'EU' - that means everything else is WRONG! I didn't do anything right! Aaaaaagggghhh!!!!'

Whoa. Calm down, psycho. EU stands for Euro, which is money. Money begins with 'M'. You're fine - chill out!

Peter smiled and Mama mentioned something about me not calling our children psychos for showing an interest in their homework, but I didn't hear much beyond blah.

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