Monday, September 20, 2010

Time for a pick-me-upper

Don't get me wrong - I love Opa. He, along with Grams, has been super-mega helpful with watching all three boys while Angie and I play work. It's just, well... it was Peter's first full day of school and, well, you know... he was kinda nervous anyway, so I just thought that....well, HE WOULD BE PICKED UP FROM HIS FIRST FREAKING DAY OF SCHOOL! Hello.

At least Peter took abandonment in stride. Kinda. He waited around at the playground for a while, trying to play it cool for the 'bigguns' that were beginning to wonder why the new fish was still hangin' out.

After about an hour, he reluctantly started walking home. Along the way, he ran into Myriam, our neighbor from across the street.

'Hey, Peter - what are you doing all by yourself?'

'Have you seen my Opa?'

'Yeah, he's down at the playground trying to get Tom to go to sleep.'

'Is he mad ?'

'I don't think so, why would he be mad?'

There was no logical reason why Opa would be mad, but Peter is Angie's son and Angie is Opa's daughter, so we can't skip over the whole lack of logic thing too lightly. See, Peter was worried that HE had gotten things wrong and thought that maybe HE was supposed to walk home instead of being picked up.

In Opa's defense, he quickly apologized and reassured Peter that it was his 'faux Opa' and not Peter's. He then unsuccessfully tried to convince Peter not to mention any of this to me out of some irrational fear that I might blog it.

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