Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tub dumplings

Not much to say here. Tommy was getting a bath when David's brain commanded him to stop eating in mid-bite, walk to the bathroom and spit his half-eaten meatball across the room and into the tub. Tommy laughed, which made David giggle, which worried Mama, which made her come running to see the floating aftermath of David's tub dumpling, which made her scream, which made me come to see the fuss that soon after made me crack up, which made Mama whip out her 'evil stare' on me. What?! It was David!


  1. Hallo Ihr beiden! Ich weiß, es ist nicht zum Lachen, trotzdem mußte ich lachen :-)))
    Grüße, Maria.

  2. hahaha as the Y chromosome donor, indirectly it will ALWAYS be your fault LOL