Thursday, August 30, 2012

Buttons and Pillows

'Hey, Peter - Susan Sarandon called. She'd like her sunglasses back.'

It's no secret that whatever I find funny typically annoys Angie. It's also no secret that whatever annoys Angie - I typically find funny. It's a funny-funny arrangement that we've lived with for years. Secretly.

At breakfast, I unexpectedly discovered another 'button' when Angie got mega annoyed at me for making fun of Peter when he started prancing around wearing lady shades.

To be safe, I pushed the button a few times, just to make sure it was still working. I won't go into the ballistic response that confirmed that it was still operational, but yeah, it was working.

After breakfast, I decided to restrain my distance from women that freak out on me and used my zoom lens instead.

I was reminded of a quote from the movie 'Planes, Trains & Automobiles'.

'Those aren't pillows!'

I'm smarter than a roomful of two-year olds, so I wisely chose not to vocalize my inner thoughts. Instead, I grabbed Peter and David and left Tommy to butt-nap while we played pool.

Each time we play, we refine the rules a bit. David now understands that blocking the pocket with his hand is equally as unacceptable as plugging the pocket with his elbow. The boys were actually getting pretty good. I promised them that we would practice when we get back to Germany. I do admit, the only respectable place to practice is in a pub and my interest in their billiard-skill-development might have been under the influence of my liver, but whatever - at least it was respectable. Let's go down by the beach.

I never had a brother, so I often live brotherhood through the eyes of my three sons. At sundown, they were in rare form, but they somehow managed to tone down their freak-o-meter enough for me to get a snapshot of pure carefree bonding.

As we came back from watching the sun go to bed, Ali Baba cornered me and informed me that the extremely expensive custom t-shirts that I was pressured into buying were ready. Pay up.

Surprise, surprise - Peter was the first one to strike a pose.

Ali Baba then informed Angie and me, in front of our children, that we could also purchase a copy of the complete soundtrack to Mini Disco. Angie and I were beside ourselves with excitement.

After forking over more cash to Ali Bastard, I decided to call it a night. For a change, Tommy agreed. He even announced to all of his island friends that he was sleepy and wanted to be carried off to bed.

'Yeah, nice one, Tommy. Walk on.'

Tommy Walker made it about halfway before turning to Mama to ask her if she happened to know of any sexy man-hunks that could possibly carry him the rest of the way. Mama dramatically scanned the beach, looking left and then right. In the end, she wisely avoided a major ego smack down by suggesting that I carry him. I did, by they way.
Ladder Talk:
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: That we could go to the quiz and the water was not too cold.
David: That I could stay so long up like a big person and say dabadadoo-doo to Tom.
Tom: That I did get in the pool and that I got the ball that fall down.

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: I didn't have one - today was SUPER!.
David: That the water was so cool by the pool. Hey, that rhymes! Funny.
Tom: That I fall down and did owa-owa-owa!

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: I want to jump in the pool.
David: Maybe buy a Nintendo or do a game on the iPod.
Tom: Want I play computer.

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