Sunday, December 14, 2014

My Goodness, My Guinness

This was David's 'busted' look as I walked into the kitchen this morning and caught him downing what I thought was the last sip of Angie's coke. As I started to yell at him, though, he ran over to the sink and spat everything out. David loves Coke, so I was still scratching my head on that one when Angie popped her Face out of a Book.

'Did he just drink that? Yuck-o! That's my Guinness glass from last night!'

See, Angie was asked to do a special Pub quiz last night for a company celebrating their Christmas party. On the way home, Angie apparently ordered a Guinness to go and never got around to finishing the last drop. That would never happen to me. 

Something tells me that this was not the first time that David has swiped the last swig of Mama's Coke. After chugging lukewarm, day-old Guinness backwash, though, it might actually be the last time.

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