Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Christmas Bunny

Bunny ears never get old; just ask the boys. At least now we know where they get it from. Thanks, Judy.

On Christmas Eve, wave one of the gift frenzy was kicked off when Grams, Opa, Barbara and Leif popped in with enough gifts to put Santa to shame. The delivery was definitely kid-tested and mother-approved.

For dinner, we decided to separate the adults from the wild. This was mainly so that we could try to have a grown-up conversation, something that has eluded us since April 1st, 2004. Yes, Peter's an April Fool from a decade ago. 

Judy kicked things off with an innocent question.

'So, Angie, how is it having this year off from teaching?'

'Oh, it's nice, but there is still so much... TOMMY, GET OFF OF THE SOFA RIGHT NOW AND TAKE THE FORK OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!!'

'Yeah, yeah, I can imagine. And how does Peter like his new school?'


At some point, we simply gave up on the family-friendly chit-chat and the mature-types silently raced to eat as quickly as possible without choking. After what can be loosely described as dinner, the boys were released to free confined boxes from their oppressive wrappers.  

The boys hardly agree on anything, but it was clear to all of them that they would keep the HUMONGOID gift from Barb and Leif as the grand finale.  

If you're like me, even unwrapping the thing didn't help. What did help was Barb explaining that it was a bug hotel. A what??!!

Bug hotels are apparently the latest crave among weird types, so of course the boys absofreakinlutely loved it! Barb went on to delight us with how it works.

'So, yeah. You hang it up, and bugs move in.'

It was at this point that I turned to my sister-in-law's sister.

'We're hanging this thing up outside, right?'

Before Angie could answer, Peter had a dilemma that simply couldn't wait. They never can. 

'Papa, do you think it's okay if I don't make my special dessert tonight for everyone?'

'Sure, no problem, buddy. I bought ice-cream and strawberries, you know, just in case.'

Peter then disappeared and I thought he was playing with all his new toys. Turns out, he had curled himself into a ball of indecision in his room.

See, about two months ago, Peter saw a video online on how to make your own cupcakes. He then secretly played this video over and over and over and over and over again until he could actually transcribe the video into a scribbled recipe that only my firstborn could read. He then forced me earlier today to go out and let him secretly buy the ingredients. This was tricky since I had to pay for his shopping list, which included cupcake wrappers. Hmmm, I wonder what it could be...

After uncurling Peter, I realized that his indecision had more to do with his lack of nerves. He was worried that his clandestine deciphering of the video might not result in the dessert to end all desserts. I then came to the rescue, kinda like Superman, only I wore my apron on the front. 

As Peter Crocker was kickin' it in the kitchy with his not-so-old super man, David was busy conducting an experiment.

See, Davey had gotten a pair of Walkie-talkies for Christmas.  Being the smart kid he can occasionally be, he quickly discovered the sound that two Walkie-talkies make when you hold them close to each other. His experiment was to test the patience of, well, pretty much everyone other than David, on how long they would tolerate the irritating feedback noise. In case you're wondering, it was a tie between Opa and Mama. 

Barb and Leif took the road less annoying and tried to help Tommy build his super-duper-water-race-track that was apparently more difficult to put together than the pictures on the box led one to believe.

So, the race was on. Who would finish first? Peter's sweet surprise or Tommy's watery mess?

I was stuttering in anticipation when I heard screams from the kitchen. My reflexes kicked in and I donned my fireman's hat. Then I remembered that Angie was nowhere near the kitchen and strolled in to find a rather triumphant looking prodigy.

When you only have six cupcakes and nine guests, it's always the loudest one that gets served first.

Tom's belly approved, but he volunteered an unsolicited recommendation to Peter that he make the next batch 'this big'.

Peter took confidence in the praise from his first batch and ran off into the kitchen to make the next six muffins.

Shortly after devouring his chocolate-filled muffin, Tommy's brain decided to ninja-roll across the carpet in front of the tree. Okay, it wasn't really 'in front' of the tree as much as it was 'on the tree', but I am definitely not the preposition police. Angie, however, whipped out her grammar night stick.


Ute's heart is an ornament that she gave us years ago. Like me, it's lovely, but a tad bit heavy, so it always warrants a spot low on the tree. This is also the same lane that is highly susceptible to attacks from rolling ninjas.

Tommy would have to try really hard to break Ute's heart, but he did take the near miss seriously and finally settled down. Yeah, define settled. 

On Christmas Eve, wave one of the gift frenzy eventually came to an end, but I have a feeling that another wave will be hitting our shores soon.
Ladder Talk: 
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: That I got so many presents!
David: Everyone had fun and it was Christmas and nobody hurt himself.
Tom: That is Christmas Eve was and that Peter made muffins.

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: I couldn't do my second dessert.
David: That we can't wake you up tomorrow at 7 o'clock for the presents.
Tom: That Simba bite me on the eye.

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: To have very much presents!
David: I want to have fun at Christmas.
Tom: I want to get good presents and I want to play good with Peter and David.

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