Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Circus, Revisited

This looks more like it... a nice crowd of people, the big tent is actually open - great job, ladies!

Peter was quite the charmer today. At some point, Angie and Peter began playing the game 'I see something you don't see and that is...[insert color here, in case you are either a moron or one of those lucky bastards without kids]. At some point, Peter must have gotten bored with the game. Knowing his attention span, this was probably after approximately 20 seconds of playing. Without thinking through the consequences, he decided to change the game slightly. 'I see something BIG and that is...your belly!' Haha hehe hoohoo...

Peter was too busy cracking up at himself to notice that Mama had transformed into what I lovingly call Pregosaurus. It's that quasi-psychotic state that only pregnant women can get away with. Any married man with kids will know what I am talking about, even if they do not have the courage (stupidity?) to describe it in writing.

I stood behind Pregosaurus, waving my arms frantically and motioning for Peter to run for his dear, sweet life. I hoped to God that it would not turn around and catch me throwing signals to the enemy. For a brief second, I flashed to what life would be like without a head and quickly determined it would suck. I made feeble attempts to change the subject.

'Hey, sweetie! Did you know that there are 18 different shapes used for Animal Crackers?'

'Almost all lipstick contains fish scales.'

'The longest recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds!!'

My adrenaline-induced comments were lacking a certain coherency, but oddly enough, the last one seemed to work. 'Let's have eggs for breakfast' was the welcome segway that secured Peter's mortality for the moment.

After an oddly silent breakfast, we spent the day filling our humongoid inflatable pool. Angie originally bought this behemoth for our old apartment, overlooking the small yet crucial fact that the pool was actually three times bigger than our old balcony. After The Curious Incident of the Belly in the Morning, though, I was slightly reluctant to poke fun at any things that were bigger than they needed to be.

Anyway, with our awesome garden, we were able to finally dust off our Olympic-size 'balcony' pool and put it to use. The boys loved it and weren't even ready to get out when it was time to go to the circus, prompting what some people might call an overreaction on my part. 'What?! Get out of the damn pool. We WILL be going to circus. Again. It WILL be open this time. You WILL like it!'

The boys did get out of the pool, the circus was open and they did like it. Really, all threats aside - it was awesome. Peter's favorite part was the bikini-clad woman that juggled hoops. David's favorite part was the bikini-clad woman that rode a unicycle. Papa's favorite part was the... clown. Really.
Ladder Talk:
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: When we go to the circus and I saw that lady with the rings.
David: Das lion and hippos... the lions sleeping.

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: That owa her on my leg. In the swimming pool it got bigger and bigger.
David: When the hippo eat it. In the water.

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: Sleep by Dalia's.
David: Um, das hippo in the water.

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