Saturday, June 28, 2008

Urban Chipmunk

Time is relative...

10 seconds before this picture, Angie was standing in the kitchen with puffy cheeks that were full of water.

5 seconds before this picture, Angie turned to find me, grinning with a camera in my hand.

3 seconds before this picture, Angie turned beet-red and started blowing water out of her nose as she frantically tried to put on her 'picture' face.

10 minutes before this picture, Angie heard on the radio that if you hold water in your mouth while you cut an onion, you won't cry. Maybe, but you certainly draw in amateurs like myself who want to photograph 'the urban chipmunk' in action.

3 hours before this picture, Angie estimated around 100 people would be showing up to the BBQ that we, along with the neighbors below us, were hosting.

2 hours before this picture, I bought chicken and sausages for the estimated 100 people.

2 hours after this picture, 50 people showed up (not 100), and half of these people brought their own meat.

3 hours after this picture, I started to question Angie's abilities to estimate headcount.

5 - 8 days after this picture, we will most likely be having a shitload of chicken & sausage sandwiches.


  1. Steve, u re so funny... we love this blog... greetings from Barbara and me.

  2. I heard that if you put an onion in your mouth and try to drink water, you will drown.

    If you need a home for any leftovers, I know a guy at FedEx...