Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bike me, Papa

I normally wake up, get ready for work and leave before anyone else in the house stirs. The boys are usually fast asleep and surely dreaming of how lucky they are to have such a cool father. Angie will normally be dreaming about cucumbers and Gizma will be weighing the potential risks of biting Angie's toes.

This morning, I got out of the shower to find Peter, who unwittingly scared the crap out of me. "I want a cartoon, Papa." Oh, if only his requests could continue to be this easy. I flip on the TV and see a familiar show - "Oh, look. The Little Einstein’s are on."

My first mistake was incorrectly identifying the show. The second mistake was saying it too loudly. Within seconds, David was out of bed and running to the living room to see his FAVORITE show. A mixture of disappointment and disgust spread across their faces as they realized that the show was actually Dora the Explorer and not The Little Einstein's. They turn to me and my first gut reaction is to run. Quickly.

There is no easy explanation for my malicious trickery, although I am sure they now think I simply like tormenting them. I do, of course. but it was not my intention today. My only way out was to explain a new game, where they go and jump on Mama's head, allowing me to sneak out the door.

After leaving, Peter and David spent the rest of the morning crying because they missed their Papa so much. I don't really know this as a fact - it just 'feels' right, so it must be. What I do know is that Peter went for a bike ride. We have removed his training wheels and he has been doing great "going solo", although his bike rides are a constant reminder that we need insurance against smashing into parked cars.

Peter, as it turns out, gets his gift for the gab from his mother. They went to a park to ride his bike and Peter would not stop pestering this poor lady who was just trying to read a book in peace. The park had a circular track and every time he drove by, Peter would share some random tidbit of information with this very disinterested lady.
Lap 1: My name is Peter.
Lap 2: I am four years old.
Lap 3: My Papa is awesome. He's really cool and funny and I love him so much. [again, just an assumption]
Lap 4: I have a bother, David.
Lap 5: In September, I get a new brother. And it's a boy. [Just a quick question- how the hell could it be a brother and not be a boy? 'Genius' my ass...]
Lap 6: I have a feeling Papa is somehow making fun of me. Perhaps I should bring up how stupid he is when it comes to my cartoons....

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  1. Hey guys, your blog is just great... I'm laughing all the time... congratulations to Peter for riding his bike like a big boy and nearby stopping to flirt with ladies )))