Saturday, September 6, 2008

All fired up

This is kind of a scary picture. Peter is busy looking for...what, air condition? Dalia seems to be trying to find a sun roof; only David has his eyes on the road and I have seen his driving skills on his big wheel. Let me just say that it is a damn good thing that nothing is on fire and that this machine is on a track can only go around in circles.

After the kids had their fun, it was our turn. We went to the beer tent and let our glasses play bumper cars for a while. At one point, David found a dripping gutter and thought it would be a super smart thing to do to hold his big bag of popcorn under the water. Oddly enough, David does not like soggy popcorn. Oh, well, as they say 'live and do really dumb things'.

Peter was spending the night at Dalia's, so I took a slightly disappointed David home. In this context, slightly meant 20 minutes of crying on the car ride home. At home, Mama did her magic and was able to replace the tears with a smile. In this context, her magic was essentially a bribe of chocolates and candy. Just as effective as a hangar, but without the revealing movie later on.

After calming David with a sugar cocktail, Angie informed me that her belly was cold. I informed her that her belly sticks out so far that if it were warm, her internal organs would probably be on fire. She said something about me being an insensitive bastard and went to bed. I almost cried.

As Peter went to bed, I guess Brian made a comment about not letting the bed bugs bite. Peter promptly told Brian that he does not like bugs and that in his house, we don't have bugs in our beds. Next time he spends the night at the Roach Motel, I will make sure to pack a can of Raid.

Somehow, Peter managed to block out the fact that he was sleeping in a bug-infested bed. The purple unicorn and Ariel probably helped, as well as being able to hold onto Dalia's ear.

1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: When I looked Curious George.
David: When Dalia come mit Brian.
Dalia: When Peter, when we played Elina and Peter Pan at the same time.

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: When by Curious George I saw and Curious George go and came on the boat to Africa.
David: When the fairies come to us.
Dalia: I have no worst part today no even when Curious George went to Africa

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: I want to do autch!
David: When Dalia come to the zoo.
Dalia: Play a lot.

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