Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Three's not a crowd

Tom, like some leftovers, was only better the second day. The boys thought so, too, as they ogled over their new baby brother. He will certainly grow up well protected with bigger brothers like Peter and David.

Several people have asked about the naming of our latest creature. When criticized, I normally resort to blaming other people and in this case, it was Peter. Tom was the name that Peter started calling the baby from the first day he found out that Angie was pregnant. He also had a middle name selected, which was Jacob. If our last name was Jingle-Heimer-Schmidt, I may have considered this.

The freaky thing is that both names derive from the word 'twin'. Even freakier, Tom was born at 08:36 AM. Peter was born at 08:37 AM. Tom weighed 3,600 grams. Peter weighed 3,610 grams. Tom was 52 cm long. So was Peter, speaking of freaky things.

Tom looks eerily like Peter when he was born, so my theory is that Angie has actually been pregnant for over 4 years. Everyone thought Tom was 11 days overdue, but if I'm right, as I always am as long as you don't ask Angie, Tom has taken a hell of a lot longer than just 9 months.

In the end, we chose the middle name from a short list of Merlin, Finn and Quentin. Quentin means the 5th, and since Tom is the 5th member of the Johnson Zoo, we thought it fit. What's in a name, though? A diaper by any other name would still smell like shit, right?

At least one person has openly stated a preference for Nonameyet, although I am not sure that even Peter and David as big brother protectors could keep a kid from getting his ass kicked in school with a name like Nonameyet. Sorry, CRT.

I try and write these blogs every day and often I hit the 'publish post' button and the story disappears into a black hole. I don't know where it goes or who is reading it; who likes it and who just doesn't have a sense of humor. I don't really mind, though. I started this whole thing so that the boys could have detailed memories when they get older. I may regret some of tales since by then, I will be too old to defend myself against three boys beating the shit out of me for some of the things I wrote.

I get the occasional comment from friends and family that they like the blog, but yesterday I got my first 'real' comment. By real, I mean it did not come from someone who was forced to tell me how great I am in order to continue getting Christmas gifts. It came from a complete stranger and was well received. That's not to say that anyone out there who was about to send pages of praise should stop; December is right around the corner.

I was curious to find out who the mystery commenter was, so I went to her blog site and was blown away by an entire story dedicated to Tom's, uh, sorry, Nonameyeteventhoughhisnameistomsogetoveritalready's entry to jungle Earth. Click here to read the entire article. Thanks, Ceci and yes, you can publish any photos you like.

David apparently did not like all of the attention that he was no longer getting. While we were visiting Tom, he started coughing like crazy and burning up with a fever. I spent the rest of the day taking him to the doctor's and keeping him away from Tom.

At the doctor's, he got gummy bears. When I went to the pharmacy, he got gummy bears. Now, I am no genius - ask Angie - but I seem to remember a little story about a guy named Pavlov and his cat. Maybe it was a dog, but it doesn't matter. The point is, if David gets a treat every time he is sick, I have a sneaking suspicion that he will be perpetually ill for the next several years. If doctors really want to have kids like them, maybe they should just stop shoving big-ass needles into their arms.

At bedtime, David got his medicine and we read stories. Before climbing up his ladder to the top bunk bed, Peter went up and gave David a hug and said 'you're still my little brother and I'm still your big brother'. I don't know where that came from, but it made me want to puke, so it must have been cute.

David must have appreciated this, for he offered Peter his coveted 'bird spider' to sleep with. Peter shook his head politely and said 'no thanks' to the replica spider big enough to eat birds that David likes to sleep with. I don't know if Tom will be a spider man, but with superheroes like Peter and David to protect him, it doesn't really matter.
Ladder Talk:
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: When I was at Mama and of course Tom.
David: When I go to Mama.

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: When David go to the clinic cause he was sick.
David: When I cry because I have angst from the lion.

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: To play with you and David and Tom and Mama - everyone together who we know to play football.
David: I go in the train mit you.


  1. I chose this picture to post in my site because I think all three of them deserve to be "shown off" to my family and close friends. They're just adorable.


  2. They are adorable - I am glad they got their looks from Mama. Thanks for the nice comments and hope your family and friends enjoy the Zoo!