Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One little, two little, three little monsters

I was pleasantly surprised today to find out that David could use fingers for something other than picking his nose and jabbing other people in the chest. Carol brought these early Christmas treats for the boys. I think for Christmas David will be asking Santa for a few extra digits and some more yucky finger puppets. I really don't care, as long as dynamite does not make 'the list' for at least a few more years.

Today began with a nice game of marbles with David. I used to play marbles as a kid, but I don't really remember the game starting out by dumping out a big bucket of marbles onto the kitchen floor and then running off to play with toy cars. That just goes to show how creative David can be. I guess.

Grams and Carol came over to help out with the boys. Somehow I think when Carol signed up for that chore, she was not aware that it would later involve David spitting into her hand. In David's defense, I think it was a well-intentioned love spit since he giggled like a little schoolboy afterwards. Oddly enough, Carol showed no signs of giggling.

Speaking of disgusting things, Peter ate snails today. Grams took us out to eat to what I thought was a nice restaurant until I found out they serve slimy little bugs for appetizers. Angie managed to con Peter into eating the icky treats with some kind of freaky pregi mind trick. I turned to David to side with me on this issue, but he was busy dipping his monster puppet fingers in mashed potatoes, so I sorta lost my focus, along with any appetite I may have had.
Ladder Talk:
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: When the man at the restaurant said 'I'm going to put you in the food elevator', but it was just a joke.
David: When I go'ed with Mama and Peter and the book go boom.

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: When I fall down from the tree at the playground.
David: You make me so go my room.

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: To play mit David. Animals.
David: When I get in swimming pool.

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