Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Buttday!

Today started out fun. Peter was sick, Tom was testing out his lungs and David was, well, being David. Papa, aside from laughing, was not helping much. Gizma just wanted to be fed. This little strip of toilet paper pretty much sums up Mama's wrinkle increase.

The day started out with a good morning headbutt, delivered from David with love to Mama's forehead. Oddly enough, this little happy birthday love tap was not taken so well by the birthday girl, who began chasing the giggling Zidane prodigy around the apartment.

Peter was sick today. Not just sick of Papa being so damn cool, but really sick. I am talking about the whole 'coughing, headache, fever, my-hair-hurts sick'.

Despite this, Peter went to kindergarten because he had a big birthday party to go to. No, not Mama's - we had no party planned. By we, I mean me, and thanks to me for bringing that up again. Note to self: punch yourself.

Peter's big bash was for grape-stomping Lucy from his class. In the end, though, Peter was so ill that Mama (not Papa) made the call to cancel. We found out only later that Peter had been the only male invited to the party. I am a little torn here. For his age, it should not matter. But, in preparation for college, I think he should be taught to be doubly pissed off about missing any party where he is the only Y chromosome.

I had arranged my schedule to leave work an hour early to go pick out a present for Mama. Two hours before leaving work, though, Angie called to tell me to come home because she was having 'the worst birthday ever'. She also told me to skip any side trips I might have planned to buy her a gift - more important to her was for me to get my ass home and relieve her from kid patrol.

I got my ass home in time to enjoy Screamin' Tom, Sick-o Pete and Destructo Dave all jumping on Annoyed Angie. She turned to find me laughing and I soon found myself juggling three boys with varying levels of noise and energy.

Peter had taken some medicine so he was feeling a little better. Mama and I shouted at each other over the roar and decîded to keep our dinner reservations at the local Schnitzel house.

At the restaurant, we met up with Grams, Opa, Heidi, Sami, Kika, Brian, Clarice and Dalia. I ordered a beer and after taking the first sip, Peter started crying. The medicine had worn off and he wanted to go home. Being the bright parents that we are, we had left the medicine at home. If this had been my secret plan to go home early and skip dinner, I would have been giggling on the inside.

David was completely thrilled that his older brother was so sick he had to go home. He gleefully waved goodbye to us and disappeared under the table with Dalia. At last he had her to himself. Opa gave them a key-chain flashlight and they were gone until dessert.

At home, I gave Peter his medicine and by the time the rest of the gang made it home, he was feeling a little bit better. The day ended up pretty much like it started. Peter was still sick. Tom was still crying. David was still breaking shit. I was still cracking up. The only changes were really that Gizma had finally been fed and Angie had reluctantly gained another wrinkle.
Ladder Talk:
[David fell asleep before we made it to the ladder]
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: When I can sleep with you in your bed and when I can go to Lucy's birthday party at the kindergarten.

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: When I was sick and couldn't go to Lucy's birthday at her house.

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: To play with Mama a puzzle or a game.


  1. It's a juggling act alright but thank goodness Angie survived her buttday. Wrinkles, who's counting?

    I must say the Johnsons are a rare breed - fun and talents. Maybe we can syndicate Papa's toilet paper sketches. They're good.

    Belated happy birthday Mama.


  2. Thanks Ceci!

    As always, your comments have made my day. I would return the favor but I cannot post comments on your blog. It is really great and I hope you enjoy writing it as much as we do reading it. I think you summed it up rather nicely in the entry 'Words are all I have'. We are both 'newbies', even if you started 10 days before I did :-)