Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Dalia Day!

We had been talking about Valentine's Day for the past week so that the boys would get excited about it. This morning, we asked the boys if they remembered what today was. It's Dalia Day!! Aside from Dalia being their obvious choice for their sweetheart, it was also her Birthday party. And, I have to admit, it was one kick-ass party - beheadings, fire and jell-o shots were just part of the fun organized by Brian and Clarice. Hurray for Dalia Day!

The theme for Dalia's little bash was Dora the Explorer. After being subjected to countless episodes over the years, I have often wanted to whack her with a stick. I just somehow always assumed that this would make the kids cry. Brian and Clarice managed to figure out a way to turn this into a fun event for everyone. Man, I love piñatas.

After the kids took their turns, the adults joined in a therapeutic attempt to rid themselves of built-up cartoon hatred and aggression. Luckily, I was able to duck as Dora's torso came flying across the room. Man, I freakin' LOVE piñatas.

After any good beating, nothing hits the spot better than a good old-fashioned fire.

It is a damn good thing that there was a rocket launcher on Dalia's cake, though. It took everyone's attention away from the fact that there were only three candles on the cake. I am no mathamagician, but four plus one aint three.

In the flaming picture above, you will also see a tray of jell-o shots. After downing six or seven of them, Clarice informed me that they were for the kids. What do you mean by 'there's no Vodka in them'? Who the hell taught you how to make jell-o shots?

The kids then disappeared upstairs to get their faces painted. The adults drank coffee and glared at Clarice for her lack of proper jell-o making skills. After a two cup break, the boys made their way back down to show off their new faces.

Peter looked so proud that I could not bring myself to tell him that he looked like a zombie football player who cut himself shaving. Who knows, though, maybe he actually was going for that 'dead sportsman' look.

David was a little easier to tell. I knew when he raced off to get painted that he would either come back completed covered in red paint, or choose to be a lion. Luckily for Brian and Clarice's new sofa, David chose to be the jungle king.

As the party started to wind down, Clarice completely lost her mind and asked Angie for cooking advice. This, for some strange reason, caused Angie to giggle uncontrollably for ten minutes.

When the snorting and howling stopped, Clarice gave up and asked me. As I explained how to not burn down the kitchen, I heard Angie scream. I turned in time to see one of the kids jumping off of the top of the sofa and landing on Tom, who was asleep on the cushions. Not surprisingly, this woke Tom up, who was not so happy about being jumped on. For the next five minutes, Tom continued to demonstrate that his lungs worked. In the end, he was grumpy, but fine. If anything, he got his first dose of what is sure to come with two bigger brothers in the house.

Having your baby crushed is always a good point to leave a party. Peter and David were spending the night, so we tried to say goodbye. They were too busy shoving handfuls of candy into their mouth. If they would have been coming home, I would have stopped the sugar intake. Instead, I chuckled to myself and wished Brian and Clarice luck. Not good luck, just luck.

We got home just as Sami and Kika arrived. They had volunteered to babysit Tom in our first attempt in over a year to go out without any kids. Since Kika is currently pregnafied, we thought it would be good practice.

We stopped in our local Irish pub for a quick drink and to watch Wales spank England in the Six Nations rugby cup. We organized this win as a birthday gift for Welsh Rob - Happy Birthday! We finished our pint and headed towards the restaurant. As it turns out, the pint saved us being in the middle of eating when we got The Call. I guess Tom is somewhat of a Mama's baby. To make a long evening short, we made our way back home and ordered pizzas.

Even though we stumbled slightly on our first 'baby steps to feeling human again', we had a great time. Even when we came home, Tom stopped crying and went to sleep, allowing Angie and me to have a few moments to ourselves. There was no fire, no beheadings, and certainly no jell-o shots without Vodka, but it was still a lot of fun.
Ladder Talk:
Brian claims he did Ladder Talk, so I will add this as soon as the bum gets off his and sends it.

1) What was the best part of your day?

2) What was the worst part of your day?

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?

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