Saturday, February 21, 2009

Vampires, kisses and hair

Europe is always a little behind on things and apparently Halloween is no different. In Germany, it's called Fasching, which must translate to 'sleep all day, then leave your husband at home with the kids and go party your ass off'.

The day started out early. For me. Since Angie slept all day, it was actually the late afternoon that started out early for her. Why was Angie so tuckered out? Well, thanks for asking. It was because we stayed up the night before until two o'clock in the AM playing poker and celebrating Simone's birthday. Why wasn't I tuckered out? I was, actually. At least it was fun - Happy Birthday, Simonelina!

So, yeah, while Angie snored away breakfast and lunch, I played games with the boys. We didn't actually play any games, but we did pull every single one of them down off of the shelves and opened them up to make sure they had all the pieces. As any moron knows, the only way to check that all the pieces are there is to dump everything on the floor and start kicking the hell out of anything that touches the ground. I know this because Angie woke up from her nappy wappy in the middle of our piece checking and called me a moron.

I left Angie to deal with the aftermath of our playtime hurricane and went to cook dinner. Dalia was coming over and she was bringing her parents with her, so I was cooking for seven. Tom only needs carrots, and since they are microwavable, I left Angie to deal with that, too.

After tuna steaks and pasta, it was time for Eisi to escort the ladies to the Vampire's Ball. Brian and I kissed the vampire groupies ba-bye and sat down for what turned out to be two and half minutes of silence. Tom either hates me or he is really turning into a Mama's boy.

I tried a bottle of warm milk. I tried a bowl of baby apple sauce. I tried heating up some really mushy carrots. In the end, I found something that calmed him down.

Either Tom really digs wigs or he thought a dog was sitting on his head and feared it would wake up if he wasn't quiet. Either way, I did not really care. He was not screaming, which was everything I needed to make me smile.

Tom eventually fell asleep, leaving Brian and me to entertain ourselves.

As Brian and I exchanged what I am sure were extremely intellectual thoughts, my wife was busy kissing a strange woman.

Yes, she is very strange. The fun didn't stop, there, though. Angie partied like a rock star and then kicked me to the sofa so another strange woman could sleep in our bed.

At least Angie is related to this weirdo. I may have to revise my translation of Fasching to 'sleep all day, then leave your husband at home with the kids and go party your ass off...and then bring home a blonde sporting nice fangs'.
Ladder Talk:
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: When I am playing cars.
David: Peter and Dalia and Peter and Dalia and Brian and stories.
Dalia: When me and Peter and David start playing Diego and Dora and Alicia have birthday.

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: When David hit me with his hand on my knee.
David: When Peter bonked on the head and he need a krankenhaus.
Dalia: When I wanted to wake up and my mommy and daddy didn't want to wake up.

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: To play with Dalia.
David: When Peter and Dalia make that noise.
Dalia: You know it's the only thing I want to do - play and eat.

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  1. Not a single chick dressed as a German beer hostess? Most disappointing.