Sunday, June 14, 2009

Boing 747

Angie actually woke up and got the kids to kindergarten ON TIME! Amazing, I know. Was it all the disapproving looks that she has gotten from the teachers over the last few months? Nah. Was it because in summer the sun now rises earlier and managed to force Count Angela out of her crypt? Nah. Was it because she actually set an alarm? Yeah.

The next logical question would be - why did Mama Snooze actually voluntarily wake herself up before her 14 hours of beauty sleep? A side question might be why she needs so much beauty sleep, but asking that would be asking for emotions that are not so beautiful. Trust me.

The real reason was a field trip to the local airfield. The teachers assured us, warned us, even threatened us (by us, I mean Angie), that if Peter was not there on time, the bus would wave bye bye and laugh at him as he cried his eyes out from the steps of k-town. Hey, motivation. I like it - it works!

At the airfield, Peter proudly announced to the guest pilots, other students and the school staff that his Opa was a pilot and used to fly Boings. Huh? Boings? When questioned further on the Boing plane, Peter explained.

'The Boing - it's that plane that go boing-boing-boing, like a kangaroo. My Opa was the pilot - he was a Captain.'

I was not there, but I totally picture Peter smiling the biggest, proudest grin after exclaiming this last statement. At least it would explain the landing of my last few flights on a Boeing.


  1. Very Funny :D I have a crazy silly grin .. cracking me UP.. Boing. I love it... Boeing, Boing.. hahahaha!!

  2. Yeah - it still cracks me up. Afterwards, I also had to point out that flying with Condor doesn't mean that you stradle a big bird and that an Airbus is not yellow and does not have wheels.

    Cool name, by the way. I never knew you were a Cubs fan.

    [Note: the last sentence should be read with thick sarcasm]:-)