Sunday, June 28, 2009

Zoo drivers, no survivors

Racing around and crashing into things came a little too naturally for David. It does explain why he has been furiously taking notes and giggling every time Angie drives. Peter, on the other hand, was a pro at driving, but even Miss Daisy would have fired his ass. Gas is the pedal to the right, Turbo.

A few hours before we attacked the Techno-amusement park, Peter was amusing me with his newfound ability to feed himself, monkey style.

I was freakin' loving that the boy can now feed himself. We've already taught him how to flip on the T.V. and navigate to the cartoon channel, so this latest development was the missing link to Mama and Papa 'sleeping in on the weekend' plan. Right on, Pedro!

Speaking of sleeping, Tom did not. It was all Angie's fault, though, and I am sticking to that story, even if she continues bitching that I was the one that forgot the damn stroller. Whatever. At least I was the one that came up with the brilliant alternative to lugging the potato sack around all day.

Yeah, ok, my plan might have had a few minor faults, which Negative Angie was quick to point out. 'Maybe Mariam doesn't actually enjoy carrying the human anchor around all day'. Whatever - she had 'baby fever goo-goo' eyes and we had sore backs, so it was a mutual win-win.

After approximately one minute, the boys (all seven of them) got extremely bored with the technical exhibit portion of the tour. Our saving grace that kept the boys from beating the crap out of each other was the model train exhibit.

Yes, Patrick the train freak will be very jealous and I promise that we all took 30 seconds to feel really bad about this. After, oh I don't know, half a minute, David decided to start preparing for a future in destruction by land and by air.

Speaking of air, David had no troubles at all climbing the massive sky-rocket slide that scared the ever-loving crap out of sensible earth-bound Peter, who stayed below.

David had no fear of sliding down the Mega Slide. In fact, he wanted to go head first, but I was too scared to try that, even if he wasn't.

Tom's new quirk is that he pinches when he gets sleepy. Papa's new quirk is to give Tom to Mama whenever he gets sleepy, grab the camera and giggle incessantly.

The kid is quite the snapper when he pinches just the right amount of skin. I love that I caught Angie in mid-pinch. I also love the concerned look on Mariam's face, but the best is the amused look on Amir's face. I think I like this guy.

As I was getting glares from Angie for 'just standing there laughing and taking pictures' Peter and David were getting their pistols on.

I hope David never tries his new trick with a real gun unless he finds the nickname 'Davey 7-fingers' really groovy. Actually, that does kinda have a cool ring to it.

Speaking of cool, Amir tried giving Tommy lessons on how to drive a train.

Amir may be cool, but he is a crappy instructor. Check it out - Tom has one hand on the wheel, he's not paying attention to where they are going, his hat strings are not tied...and Amir just sits there the whole time smiling, completely oblivious to the two goofy looking kids in race cars about to smash into them. Zoo drivers, no survivors.
Ladder Talk:
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: When we go to the musement park and met Elyas and Meyssam.
David: When Meyssam and Elyas meet us at the big playground.

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: When my voice goes away and I'm so tired.
David: When no more play and we go home.

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: After kindergarten to go to Chiara's and Alessio's.
David: Play with Peter Legos.


  1. i have four kids.. 3 under 3. i do my best to not go anywhere with them. God bless you and your courage

  2. And one on the way, if I didn't read incorrectly - is number five there yet? Quentin means "five" by the way, if it's a boy.

    Your advice on not taking them anywhere came a little late - we are currently on a roadtrip through Belgium, France, England, Wales, and Ireland at the moment, and believe me - no amount of courage or stupidity will make me drive with my family again. Ever.

  3. @Jason: the last thing I exchanged was my vows and look where that got me. :-) I'm not sure what you mean, though. Your link shows up here, or did you mean something else?