Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Yes, I love myself. I also love my boys. Combine that with my love of mirrors and this picture pretty much explains itself.

Angie is slowly returning to the land of the non-sick, but she was still not up to sunlight so I took the boys out for the day.

First on our list was the post office. Angie had ordered a dress that was - get this - too big. I can only write this and live because she is pregnant. Imagine the implication if she were not pregnafied at the moment.

The highlight of this trip was the fact that David had to walk on his own the whole way there and back. He is in a crash-course for walking on his own, since we will soon need his stroller for a smaller and louder thing, which should be coming soon.

I think Angie has been kept indoors for too many days. Her gossip meter was at an all-time low today. Today was also the day that 'new' neighbors moved in upstairs. We did not see anyone, but there are moving boxes downstairs and we heard the steps in the stairwell creaking all day. She was not feeling up to going out and greeting our new neighbors, so it was really driving her nuts. I know, short trip.

At lunch, David wanted to play like a dog. I just wanted him to eat his damn food, so I decided to oblige him. That is until the innocent little puppy turned into a vicious vampire who bit his blood-sucking fangs into my finger. Incredibly, baby Dracula was able to laugh while keeping his dental death grip on my throbbing digit. I have to admit - if that had happened to Angie, I would have fallen out of my seat laughing like a drunk hyena. I am not Angie, though; I almost dumped my water on Angie when it looked like she might smirk.

After lunch we went to the local candy store. This is no ordinary candy store. As you walk up, you see an old-fashioned dentist chair in the window with a life-like mannequin getting drilled on. If this does not deter you, you enter. The owner is rather eccentric in a I-may-be-spooky-but-I-promise-not-to-kill-you kind of way. He has some crazy hair growing off of his chin and he insists on talking to each guest and playing a game with everyone before gracing them with the honor of paying. It was no wonder that there was a 45 minute wait for what turned out to be a tiny bag of gummy bears.

David couldn't make it and passed out right before it was our turn to 'order' the candy. Peter walked up and down the huge wall of candy and pointed at one jar after another. The candy-man's wife kept pace and filled the paper bag until I said 'stop'. Then we had another 20 minute wait to actually pay for the sugar bag.

When we got to the register, the owner insisted on getting a stool for Peter to stand on. That done, Peter was presented with a large can with oversize dice. Peter gambled with the man on a higher-lower game of dice and won. Our prize was three lollipops and the ability to finally pay. The candy is not spectacular, but that is not why people wait in line. It is the whole experience that makes the hour-long candy excursion worthwhile. Thanks, crazy candy man.

After getting doped up on sugar, I needed a quick way to bring the kids down off of their buzz. A nearby playground did the trick. Soccer, swings and two-story slides evened out the adrenaline levels enough to bring them back home for dinner.

At dinner, we had a nice salad with cucumber chunks in it. David looked like he was interested in them, so I picked up a piece and asked him if wanted on. He nodded and opened his mouth. I shook my head and said perhaps a little too loudly 'hell no'.
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: When we had to go to the candy store.
David: When I cuddled mit mommy.
Papa: When I got a chance to talk to my mom and wish her a happy birthday!

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: When I can't have any candy anymore.
David: When I swing and fall down.
Papa: When I realized that I had forgotten my mom's birthday yesterday - sorry!

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: To go with you and play football again.
David: When I lese ein book when Opa come. And Grams.

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