Friday, August 29, 2008


Peter loves this shirt, which depicts a baby lion cub on the hunt. He got it from his Aunt Christine. He also loves his 'hunting' hat, which he got from a second-hand shop from an eccentric owner who yodels at anyone entering her store. I'm not sure if there is a connection; my sister is most certainly eccentric, but she does not yodel at strangers. Peter is my little cub, though, and this is the outfit he dons when we go puddle hunting.

Today was day two of my 'working from home' plan. The problem with that is that the word plan implies some kind of organized train of thought, something that is virtually impossible in my house during daylight hours.

At one point I had a conference call with around twenty participants from Japan, China, Germany and India. In the middle of one of my main speaking points, Peter comes barreling into the room screaming 'David threw a book at me!'. It goes without saying that I will not be holding any more conference calls from home.

We went to Grams & Opa's for a great BBQ dinner. Grams had these new plastic stools that rotate. Peter must have been reading too much Curious George lately; he immediately stuck his finger into one of the holes on the stool and got it stuck. Laughter and crying followed, and not necessarily in that order.

My suggestion to 'put butter on it' was ignored, but somehow Peter escaped without losing any fingers. In the aftermath, the word pain came up. Peter, in complete sincerity, stated 'my mommy has a lot of pains'. Yes, she does. And my offer to put butter on her belly was also ignored.
[No ladder talk - both cubs crashed out hard on the way home from Grams & Opa]

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