Sunday, August 24, 2008

A shoulder to sleep on

After a hard day of screaming, yelling and breaking shit, there is nothing better than Opa's shoulder. It's a good thing for Opa's shoulder that I don't have more hard days of screaming, yelling and breaking shit.

Angie spent the day washing baby clothes for Nonameyet. David always got Peter's hand-me-downs and now Nonameyet will be inheriting a well-used wardrobe that has somehow survived Peter and David. Some people might think this is not fair for the new kid on the block, but who cares? I mean, look at how much freakin' money we'll be saving by having three boys. Hey, thanks, Y chromosome!

I took the boys to the playground today. There is a fireman's pole on one of the jungle gyms which David is normally afraid of going down alone. Notice the word 'normally' here. The careful placing of foreshadowing that would indicate that today, events did not unfold as 'normal'.

I was sitting on a bench watching the boys play. I saw David heading towards the pole so I started walking over to help out. Today, though, was apparently the day that David's brain told him he should just go for it. Experience has already proven that David does not question his brain once it has spoken.

As you can imagine, David 'slid' down the pole like a sack of potatoes, and let me just say that potatoes are really shitty pole sliders. I ran over and dug my little mashed potato out of the dirt pile he landed in. Instead of crying, he held out his very red hands for me to blow on, which I did. Then he climbed the ladder back up and wanted to jump again. I insisted on helping him this time, something I am sure his spine would thank me for.

After a tough afternoon of bungee jumping without the bungee, David fell asleep on the drive to visit Grams and Opa. Angie was not feeling so great, so she stayed at home to snore. We went to an Indian restaurant where David woke up and spent most of the time playing hide-n-seek outside with Peter. Barbara showed up and we took turns chasing the boys.

At the restaurant, we met another little boy named David. He was Peter's age, but he could whistle. Peter was of course absolutely amazed at Whistling Dave and frustrated that he was not able to blow any tunes yet. So for the rest of the evening, Peter walked around blowing spit and drooling on himself in vain attempts to become Whistling Pete.

As I put the boys to bed, David wanted to slide down the ladder of their bunk bed. My emotions were a bit torn between being proud that he is brave enough to 'jump back on that horse' so quickly and being concerned about his obvious lack of fear and respect for pain. I finally looked up at him, winked, and said 'go for it'.
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: When I went with you to Grams & Opa's.
David: I make a new horsie there.

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: When I couldn't do Ladder Talk in Mama and Papa's bed.
David: When I Gizma scratch me.

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: To play the lion game since today we don't play that.
David: When I ding-dong go play.

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