Saturday, December 20, 2008

Having my cake and eating yours, too

'Me want cookie. Me eat cookie. Om nom nom nom...'

If you swap cookie with cake, Peter would have been the Cakie Monster at Maylin's birthday party today. Papa followed suite by gobbling down his own cake, then somehow forgetting that his plate was already devoured and chowing down on Eileen's slice as well. Me want cake. Me eat Eileen cake. Om nom nom nom...

APFU, the Johnson family was running a little late. The birthday party started at 3:00 PM, which was about the time we left our house. If Maylin lived next door, this would not have been an issue. They live way out in the middle of thirty minutes away, though, so as per usual, we were late. 'As per usual' was also the breakout of APFU minus the word that Papa kept muttering over and over in his head as he checked his watch.

Peter fell in love with Maylin today. I know this because by the end of the party, she had an orange Fanta moustache and Peter still wanted to cuddle next to her. Any sober male who willing snuggles up to a female with a moustache of any color must certainly be in love.

Love, as is often the case, quickly turned into beating the crap out of something with a stick. This time around, that something was an extra-strength pinata that John had bought, apparently just to piss off the kids who were not on steroids. Oddly enough, none of the kids were doping, so the whole 'let's smash open the pinata' was prolonged until Eileen and I secretly placed a couple strategic tears in the Pinata's backside.

Next on the agenda was the blind-folded pothead game. Sorry, I mean pot game. The little rugrats were placed on a rug, blindfolded and given a wooden spoon. They then crawled around trying to find the pot by banging the spoon on the carpet to the tune of 'hot-cold' screamed very loudly.

As a grand finale, Sylvia and John thought it would be mega-smart to give all 400 kids a whistle. In the aftermath of this very loud brain-fart, I can only assume that the well-intentioned notion got filed in the 'I thought it would be a good idea at the time' folder.

Just in case the birthday party, cake, 400 kids, and loud whistles were not enough to wind up our boys, we had a backup plan. That backup plan was called 'spending the night at Dalia's'. This should come as no surprise, since this has been an annoyingly repetetive answer to Ladder Talk's What would you like to do tomorrow? for the last several years.

As the Zoo Crew arrived at Casa de Lutzevicius, the kids disappeared. The only sounds were David droolling and the distant thump of a three-legged stool. Before we left, Angie and I got an unexpected visit from Mary, Joseph and their baby cheetah.

Don't ask me why Mary was wearing an elephant mask - some mysteries are better left untold. You might also wonder why Peter was dressed up as a baby cheetah. Don't ask.
Ladder Talk:
[No Ladder Talk tonight - Cheetah, Mary and Joseph!]

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