Friday, December 26, 2008

Tickle Me Sami

I know that Sami thinks he's funny. I also know that my boys laugh at very silly things. Combine these two ingredients and you get a Finnish sandwhich that makes you giggle. If not you, at least Peter and David cracked up. Ok, they also crack up when Mama tries to cook, but that probably comes from following Papa's lead.

Sami is an expecting father, so he spent over an hour training with the animals. As a hardcore athlete, it is not surprising that he would train with two weights, knowing that when his race starts, he will only have one weight dragging him down. Have fun with that diapered anchor, Chorizo.

I spent the rest of the afternoon building Lego shit. I say 'shit' because that was Papa's word-of-the-minute as I put together all of the crap that Santa had so thoughtfully forgotten to put together. The label on these toys claimed 'a fun-filled building adventure for the entire family'. The tag might as well have read 'Sorry, but our sweat shops have been shut down, so our toys no longer come fully assembled - have fun trying to decipher our cryptic symbols and five million pieces.'

The doorbell rang and I welcomed the distraction to my destructive, yet somehow calming thoughts of blowing up the Lego factory. Dana, Daniel, Zack and Owen showed up and like the three wise guys, they came bearing gifts.

Despite what it may look like, a hot male with two weird-looking kids was not the present. The gift was the two hot (chocolate) mugs and some weird looking marshmallows. Thanks, Dana. For the sugar-filled hot cocoa powder, as well as the sugar-filled marshmallows. Did you include the spatula I will surely need to unstick them from the ceiling later on?

Angie was so close to cooking tonight, but after a surprisingly brief argument, she graciously allowed Dana to get her feast on. It had shrimps, it had basil, it was freakin' yummy. I was close to not drinking tonight, but after a surprisingly brief discussion, I graciously allowed Daniel to pour me a drink. It had malt, it had hops, I was freakin' thirsty.

After dinner, we drew up maps on how to take over the world. Peter displayed early signs of leadership:

So maybe Pictionary is not the best way to devise the end of mankind as we know it. At one point, Angie drew a lovely sketch of a pizza and cute little companion that resembled a fish. 'PIZZA FISH' is the slightly-sober-yet-still-intellectual contribution that I made to our little drawing game. Angie scolded me and mumbled something about anchovies and being a moron, but I was too focused on Daniel's gracious offer of a liquid dessert to really notice.

It's not that easy to top an action-packed game of Pictionary, but Zack proved that he is no easy rider. As Angie dragged Dana to the computer for a quick fix of Crackbook, Zack decided it would be the perfect time to play indoor soccer. Angie's wine glass vs. the soccer ball ended 0-1, but I kind of like the fermented grape smell that now fills the room every time the computer warms up. Thanks, Zack!

Ladder Talk:
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: When Zack and Owen come.
David: When Sami and that Kika come by.

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: When I couldn't today go to Dalia's
David: When I cry 'cause Clooney scratch me here, okay?

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: To play with my new ramp.
David: When Zack and Owen come again, okay?

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