Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Spaghetti Factory

A while back, Barbara had crashed at the Zoo after a hard night of partying and building up an appetite. For Barb, 'a little hungry' is synonymous with 'I am so über-hungry I could eat a donkey!' As luck would have it, the Zoo had just run out of fresh donkeys. We also had no ripe tomatoes for Barb to pluck away from our kids, so the only other option in our fridge was thirteen-day old pasta, which I can only hope was on the verge of being throwing out by Angie. Without realizing it, David has recreated the exact look, feel and probably even the taste of this yummy snack that was devoured by Famished Barbie during the twilight hours. Bone ape tit.

Peter was picked up by Opa to go hunting for Christmas trees. As Peter put it, 'it's like puddle-hunting, but I don't need to wear those funny yellow shoes'. I guess in Peter's universe, anything related to hunting will now be associated with his rubber rain boots. I suppose this is better than linking it to a vice-president and that funny little story about shotguns that go bang in the night.

After the evergreen safari, Opa took Peter to the pool. They have been working on a few 'secret' swimming tricks that will hopefully be revealed to us when Peter deems us worthy enough. It could take a while.

While Opa was off securing Peter's 'best part of the day', I was busy making sure David's day was jam-packed full of exciting memories to cherish, like playing with Play-Doh. Ok, that's not such a hot one. Not that it was a competition, but I think Opa was winning at that point. I started to panic like an Angie and began racking my brain for ideas to top swimming and Christmas tree hunting. I know...sugar bribe!

I took David to the Christmas market for his first-ever cotton candy. Let me just say that there is no prouder moment than the feeling you get when you manage to hook your two-year child on the spun sugar that is essentially crack cocaine for the under-teens. Amazingly enough, David's response before his first taste was 'No, David not like'. Like any good dealer, I ignored the addict's feeble attempts at staying clean and shoved a wad of 'the good stuff' in his mouth. Before the first protesting grimace could be formed, he had devoured half of the cotton candy and was already asking for more. Hey Opa, how do you like them apples?

The effects of devouring a vaporized sugar cane became apparent when I was brushing David's teeth. We use an electric toothbrush and tonight David was shaking uncontrollably and insisted that he be allowed to brush his own teeth, because 'I a big boy'. I compromised and told him that after I was finished, he could have the toothbrush all by his big boy self. I left to pick out the boys' bedtime stories and when I came back in, I found David toothbrushing his legs. Either he has been watching Mama too much or he was still on cloud sugar nine.

As I tucked Peter into bed, he announced that he was hungry and demanded that I bring him a whole chicken. I informed his royal hunter that chickens were out of season and suggested that he try a donkey instead.
Ladder Talk:
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: When I was by Grams and Opa's and they went to get that tree and eat sweets and eat salmon and the swimming pool.
David: When I cotton candy in my mouth.

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: When David's laughing why I'm doing Ladder Talk.
David: When Peter go from Grams & Opa.

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: To play that 'stinky' game.
David: When I go on the toilet.

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