Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa needs a bigger lap

I like this picture for two reasons. First of all, all three boys are silent. Secondly, it accurately depicts their different personalities. Tom (like Mama) loves to sleep. Peter (like Papa) is a camera hog and can always manage to find the right lens to look into. David (like this skinny stranger in the Santa suit) likes the color red and pretending to be something he is not. In this case, David is playing the role of a sweet innocent child who has been on his best behavior all year. I'm sorry, but who brought in a bull and what is that awful smell?

The morning started out with Peter hyperventilating, shaking and just generally freaking out because he heard from someone that it was too late to mail his Christmas list to Santa. He came to me sweaty and asked if this was true.

'Holy crap!! I knew there was something we were supposed to do last week. Oh, Peter - I wish you had reminded me sooner. It is too late for this year, but you know what? We can still mail your letter and at least you might get something next year.'

Despite me amusing me, Angie, Peter, and David's ears did not appreciate my humor and the ensuing hissy fit. Note to self: Peter is still not ready to handle jokes about putting a shitload of his toys into jeopardy - try again next year.

After Peter's eye twitching finally stopped, I grabbed the Ladder Talk notebook and began to write The Letter. As with Ladder Talk, I only write as I'm told. The words are written exactly as mumbled, so please excuse the grammatical errors, incohesive thoughts and lack of hilarious wit and wisdom.

Dear Santa,
First I wanted to say, I want to have from you a real dinosaur. I was a good boy and I wish I had a real dromedar as well and I wish I had still a real grizzly bear. I am coming soon to you, Santa. With my brother David and with Sami and with Eisi. Why you got that red hat, Santa? And why are you not coming today? Here is my list. Thank you and please!

I will spare you the detailed blah-blah list. It boils down to three words. Mother and expensive are two of those three words. David is not the only one that likes red; when Santa starts to put together the toys this year, I am quite sure that he will be frantically searching for a few tags that are red.
Ladder Talk:
1) What was the best part of your day?
Peter: When I go to Toys-R-Us and look for something sweets and looking at what Santa is going to bring me.
David: When Sami come, okay?

2) What was the worst part of your day?
Peter: When David was laughing when I'm doing Ladder Talk.
David: When Tom cry 'cause he cry again.

3) What would you like to do tomorrow?
Peter: To see an Anaconda and maybe a cheetah.
David: When Grams come from my kindergarten. okay?

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